Thursday, July 26, 2012

Three Things Thursday: I love you, a bushel and a peck

"I love you, a bushel and a peck. A bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck. A barrel in a heap and I'm talking in my sleep about you. Because I love you. A bushel and a peck."

My mom used to sing that song to me when I was a kid as I went to bed and, as I got older, on my voicemail in a purposefully awful voice for fun. Just "singing" the lyrics in my head makes me all warm and fuzzy.

Wait. Maybe it's the coffee and the chocolate mint VitaTop. Hmm.

I still like the song, and it astounded me that Mark never heard it as a kid. His parents may have taken him to Disney World (this girl has never been, by the way) but my mom sang me that song. Pat for the WIN!

1. Talking about the song might seem unlikely but I was singing it this week as I thought of you lovely readers. Your kind and MOTIVATING comments on my Marathon Monday post were just what I needed to see. Each one brought a smile to my face and encouraged me as I worked on my new training plan.

My new plan incorporates the quality runs of "Train Like a Mother" and the long run schedule of Hal Higdon's Novice 2 marathon schedule. It also factors in my plan to run the Indy Women's half marathon on Sept. 1 and my refusal to run more than 8 miles during the week. Hello, job. Hello, kid.

Here's what the next few weeks look like:

It's daunting but I'm hoping manageable. I'm also giving myself permission to drop down to four days, as Hal's plan dictates, to save my sanity.

2. I loved, loved, loved your emails for the Quorn giveaway. It was fun to see where a lot of y'all are from and also to read some of the more personal messages. I have sent out all but a few of the envelopes, and I think I still have five sets of coupons remaining. Email me at hlthystrides at gmail dot com if you want in.

3. OK. I only love you for two things. It's about all the love I can manage right now. Between the oppressive humidity returning and a teething baby, it's all I can do not to drink myself silly on the screened in porch.


  1. I too am a working mom (however to 4 kids). There is something about five days of training that tends to push me over my edge. I am a planner and like sticking to the training plan. When I miss runs it stresses me out to no end and I feel really disappointed in myself. I think I've learned that from now on I should commit to 4 day per week plans and then have an optional 5th day in there. That way I don't beat myself up. Great job recognizing you have to do what's right for you rather than what "everyone else" might be doing.

  2. I had heard the term "I love you, a bushel and a peck" but I never knew there was an entire song!!!! Thank you for enriching my life! (And random song artillery!)

    You've totally got this!

  3. great job with the new schedule!! my schedule needs an overhaul. and so does this hot weather.

  4. My mom used to sing that to me too!

  5. Love that song! Tried to make my niece learn it, she was not interested :(

    Your training schedule looks like it will be fun-ish. :)

    Thanks for the Quorn coupons. Oh the Quorn humor was cracking me up as well.

  6. Never been to Disney?!?!?! What is that about? Come join me in January,...I'm doing the Disney half. It will be fun and I'm super cool to hang out. Ok, totally not, I'm a dork but still fun :)