Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Be brave, be Boulder

I'd like to think I've been a lot of places but the truth is that I haven't. I've just been very lucky to pick very great cities when I do get to venture outside of Indiana.

However, even in my limited travels, I feel confident saying that Boulder is by far one of the most active cities in the country. Everywhere we went, there were people on the move. Cyclists clad in team jerseys pedaled up gargantuan hills, and incredible runners navigated the trails at swift paces with coaches trailing behind. (I'm pretty sure I saw an actual Kenyan running during my 11-miler with Jess.)

And while that run definitely took a toll on me, I couldn't help but be filled with a sense of Boulderness and the urge to stay active my entire trip.

On Sunday, after waking up early, Mark and I commandeered a BOB and went for a family run on the nearby Davidson Mesa Trail.

The trails were amazing - a fine gravel - that wound through a field with the mountains in the background. 

We took our time over the course of the three miles, catching our breath when necessary and grabbing every photo we could. It just felt like a run to remember, and I didn't want to squander it by obsessing about pace or mileage.

It was by far my slowest run in MONTHS but I couldn't help but smile. I was in (my) paradise.

After our run, I took a shower and got ready for my second workout of the day.

When planning our trip to Boulder to visit my sister-in-law and her new baby, I made it my mission to make sure Mom got her own time. 

I didn't know what she would want it to be - eating breakfast with two hands, a home-cooked meal or pedicures - but I was glad she agreed to get her downward dog on at one of the places I had only heard about - lululemon!

The free community class at the Boulder storefront was taught by the folks behind a new studio in Boulder, Radiance Power Yoga. It was a Baptiste style class and although I don't really know what that means, I do know I did plenty of chatarungas and poses that awakened this runner's tight hips.

The class was the first one I've taken since I was about 20 weeks pregnant, and I was very much reminded of the challenge and benefits that yoga provides. It can be pricey but I'm hoping that I can try to squeeze in a session here and there as my BODYPUMP instructor training winds down and marathon training ramps up. 

While we were flipping our dog, the dads pushed around the strollers and drank Starbucks.

Miles enjoyed his taste of the Strawberries & Creme but I think he enjoyed the idea of being a yogi even more :) 


  1. BEAUTIFUL - WOW!!!! Thanks for sharing the photos of your stunning sights!!!

    What happened to Mr. Miles' cheeks? Poor lil' man!

    I would LOVE to go to a yoga (is there an easy or beginner class?) class with you - just say the word. It could be my new-to-me activity.

  2. looks like a perfect getaway! and SO beautiful!! don't you just love the family run!? it's like my new favorite. we are all together and doing what we love. you guys really took some great pics.