Thursday, July 12, 2012

Baby (not) on board

Miles has been a runner from Day 1.

Running the W.O.O.F  just a day before I found out I was pregnant to keeping up with a regular routine until 37 weeks pregnant, it's been "our" thing.

Sure I had to stop for a couple weeks before I delivered and the requisite six weeks post-partum but as soon as I got the green light from my doctor, Miles was strapped into the BOB via the car seat adapter and we were on the go.

In the early days, running allowed him (read: me) to break up the monotony of the day and catch a quick rest from our nurse, cry, nurse, cry, sleep routine.

As he grew older, the run still offered a nice break in the day but it also gave him a chance to get fresh air and see new things as his world grew.


Running was also a nice activity we could do as a family, and it offered Mark and I the opportunity to do things like talk without a baby crawling up your leg or interrupting the other one to scream, "NO FACE!"

While much of our running admittedly was about my sanity, I knew - really knew - that Miles enjoyed it. He babbled and cooed in the beginning and eventually began squealing and screaming "dog" with excitement for nearly 300 miles (and that's a conservative estimate) over the past year.

But times ... they are a changing.

We have gone from screaming "dog" to just screaming and the number of whines even during a short 3-mile run are notable. He no longer kicks his legs up on the safety strap to play with his feet; he just kicks. And though he does get into the stroller willingly, he is so antsy to get out that he practically flings himself on the floor.

It's frustrating to say the least. Not only has the BOB been my life line - literally at times - but I really enjoy these times as a family and I think it's important to set a positive example in terms of exercise. I know he can see me leave for a run and will be able to recognize those efforts as he gets older but I want him to feel included in the sport.

I always thought that by acclimating Miles to the stroller early on and keeping a routine that I would be able to avoid dissension and get what I hoped for. There have been few toys or distractions included, as well, in that vain as for him to believe the run itself is entertainment.

Now? Well, if it keeps him happy in the stroller, I'm willing to try it. He's not at an age where a cup of Annie's Cheddar Bunnies or a graham cracker could keep him occupied and he definitely does not have the dexterity nor attention span to watch Elmo on an iPod. I could try to sing to him or play games but Miles merely laughs at my musical attempts and, to be honest, I need my breath.

So a loss, I am at. I want him to enjoy the stroller again and I want to encourage it in a cruelty-free way. Help!


  1. Just keep going - it'll probably be just a phase. I'm sure once he realizes that fussing isn't going to work he'll learn to be content again. Alternatively, get pregnant again, get the double Bob and the 2 can keep each other company - or poke their sleeping brother in the eye - not that mine ever did that!

  2. I don't know how the BOB works - but is he facing out (in the pictures above he's facing back)? If he's facing you, he might be getting bored and ready to face out. Leo went through a 2 week phase where he fussed in the stroller more. And then just like that, he stopped and started loving it again!

  3. ages and bet is just when you are ready to pull your hair out over it, he'll be back into it again. I might try to get my run on WITHOUT him for a week or so and then try it with him again. good luck! if there's anything I KNOW about kids, it's that the second you think you have it all figured out, they up-end it for you. :)

  4. OH my, that is one of my worst nightmares if Lula starts hating the there any way to coincide the run with a time when he could take a little catnap? I like what TracyAnne said about just continuing to give it a try...good luck!

  5. I agree with most of what everyone else said, Brielle went through a phase. Since she has so much energy in the morning, we actually let her walk for the first block or so and then put her in the stroller for the remainder. We've also tried those small musical plastic toys that she can fiddle with and listening to Pandoras toddler station. Also, maybe shortening the walks/jobs once in a while or walking in a park with a play area? Good luck :)

  6. Oh and bubbles, bubbles work wonders!

  7. It's a phase. I shortened my runs, gave up my expectations and ran to Sbux first, then ran to the park, stopped to play and then ran home. They were slow miles, but I counted them under quality time and the fact that I got out there.

    I usually bribed with finger foods, if timed around a meal. Since it's hot, maybe try frozen fruit? Watermelon? It'd be a huge mess... so maybe not. And I had those plastic links to link the toys to so they didn't go overboard. I tried to have stroller-only toys that he only got while in there, but that didn't always work.

    Hang in there, mama!

    Love the idea of bubbles!

  8. I am so afraid of this happening with L and me as well. I hope it's just a phase for Mr. M and he is back loving it in no time. I'm stalking your comments to see how I can combat this when it happens. I have noticed a playground on my running route so we may make a pit stop there when he gets older. Good Luck!

  9. This might be one of my favorite posts - not so much to hear that lil Miles isn't cooperating, but to revisit your baby on board photos and the various stages of Miles as a "runner" - sooooo stinking cute! LOVE that Got Miles? Shirt - too cute if I do say so myself (hee hee). His little winter hate - seriously too cute. You're lil' man is growing up. Obviously I'm not a mom, but I knwo without a doubt, he'll be back to being willing to be in BOB while you run. . . just a phase especially since he can walk now . . . he wants to be FREE :) Give it a little time - he'll come back to being a great running partner! :)

  10. I have nothing helpful to add (I run super early in the AM before anyone's up) but wanted to comment that (a) the pictures are cute, and (b) have you noticed you always pose the same way? Funny how we do that.