Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Taking care of business

Remember when I said it would be worth your while to comment on my last post on sports bras?

Well, I have news for you: I wasn't lying. The lovely ladies at handful will offer one lucky Healthy Strides reader a bra of her choice (subject to color and size availability). So head on over to the post to see the updated rules and details.

Note: Those who already commented are automatically entered into the contest.


Two weeks ago, I posted about some recent (or not so recent in some cases) frustrations with my MOTOACTV.

Well, I have good news for you and I have bad news for you.

The bad news: I still haven't heard from customer support.

The good news: I have heard from the PR folks and the social media team, who offered some situations to fix the problem.

The easiest - and most immediate - was to do a system update. The MOTOACTV is all about the system update, and it pays to connect it to your computer on a regular basis to see if one is available. I am pretty good about this (with help from email reminders) and had tried to update the system a couple weeks before things had gotten out of hand. At that time, there were no updates available.

When the update was suggested, I was doubtful but begrudgingly tried it. You know, to have my bases covered. Lo and behold, one was available! And even more worthy of an exclamation mark, it seems to have helped. I won't say that it has fixed everything - I still see the satellite drop and at times the pace seems off - but it seems to catch up with itself if that makes sense.

I am also seeing some improved consistency with the distance. After more than a year in my neighborhood, I've finally figured out mile markers on certain routes and the MOTOACTV is once again lining up. Since the update, I've stopped comparing the distance with Map My Run - if that tells you anything.

And just one more note about the update: I listened to a playlist for the second half of my long run Sunday, and I was surprised to hear lap updates. "Beginning Lap 6," it told me. I got super excited that I had hit 6 miles but realized that I was beginning the 6th mile and had completed 5. Total bummer for me, great feature for the watch.


  1. I just have to put it out there and say, "BOOO!!" my girls are a tad bigger than just a "handful" and I need more support than they offer. I heart my moving comfort Juno.

  2. Thanks for the MOTOACTV update! I was worried about the sweating issue as well, but my husband showed me DCRainmaker's site, and I also found another reivew, and saw that you can take it off the wristband and clip like my nano. That is a relief for me because I have tiny wrists, so none of the GPS watches are small enough, and that would take out any sweating issues. And now that yours is also mapping correctly, this may be my new GPS watch. Thanks!