Friday, May 18, 2012

Food Friday: Lunch, lately

Tuna + Olives.

I had never really thought of the classic Nicoise salad combination in the "Mmm, must eat" sort of way until a fellow BODYPUMP trainee was chowing on it at lunch that weekend. She said she was obsessed with it.

And, now, so am I.

Instead of going the traditional French route, I've taken the tuna to the Mediterranean for a Greek-inspired salad with tuna. I call it such because saying it's tuna salad makes me think of mayonnaise and tuna melts and things that are not this salad.

In the bowl, which, by the way, was a serving bowl:

Butter lettuce mix (my new "all my own" obsession)
Spring greens
Sliced cucumbers
Grape tomatoes
Shaved red onions
Crumbled feta
Kalamata olives
Flaked tuna (let's be real - from the can)
Sunflower seeds (for that proverbial crunch)

The salad, for me, clocked in at 270 calories, 13 grams fat, 15 grams carbohydrates and 22 grams of protein. Well, before the light ranch dressing. Sure, a Greek vinaigrette might be more appropriate but I'm a ranch girl, what can I say.

I've enjoyed the salad several times this week and thus far, I have yet to tire of it. I would have brought it to work today had I not run out of lettuce ... and ranch. Guess I know what to put on the grocery list.

What have you been enjoying for lunch? And I really want you to answer because I'm in need of an idea for next week. Pretty please, with granola on top :)


  1. I eat salads, or protein shakes for lunch usually. And I eat hummus all over everything (I use it as dressing). What I have been loving since I have started eating meat again is the Tyson ready grilled chicken strips. they are so easy to throw on a salad!
    And, dang, that salad looks awesome! Good thing I was eating lunch while I was reading your post or I would have been heading to the grocery store!

  2. In the winter, I make a huge batch of soup weekly and eat it throughout the week. I love to cook so I look forward to trying all different kinds. In the summer, I put together a toss salad of whatever is on sale or looks good at the farmer's market. I'll add tuna, chicken or chic peas. I always use the 5/10 calorie Wishbone spray dressings. I think they make a Ranch one :}

  3. I have a thing for fajitas. Fajitas at night, fajita salad for lunch the next day, fajitas in my eggs, etc. It can be obbsessive. Sadly, today I had to go with a frozen meal + some steamed veg. This did remind me that I need some feta soon. Like a long lost love, apart for too long.

  4. Looks like a tasty salad! I usually make a bean spread like hummus and use it as a base for sandwiches, pitas, and wraps throughout the week. I make my own (i roast the garlic) so its pretty fresh and healthy. All you have to do is add veggies, yogurt, avocado, olives, hot peppers, whatever you're in the mood for. It works for me. I also make a lot of eggplant dishes - similar concept re: a good base.

  5. Yum on that salad..well, minus the olives. I'm not a fan :). I also like having salad for lunches and love adding mandarin oranges in it. Yummy. With the new baby though, my lunches are bowls of cereal. You might not really want my suggestion. ha!

  6. I will definitely try this one out! My kids love salads and I love a good to-go lunch to take on our errand days. Tillie
    (We have a healthier enchilada recipe on our blog currently - hope you'll check it out!)

  7. I have been on a chicken salad kick - canned Tyson chicken and mix/match onion, celery, bell pepper, apple, grapes, walnuts, pecans, raisins, dried cranberries, pickled jalepenos, sweet relish all mixed with a dollop of light Hellmans. I'm on week 3 of this refreshing cool lunch. ENJOY :)

  8. I like ranch too. I always feel like I should order the balsamic vinigrette, but let's face it, ranch tastes way better!