Monday, May 28, 2012

Digging deep

I have something upsetting to tell you: Running isn't a real workout. And neither is BODYPUMP ... or cycling ... or CrossFit ... or swimming.

Oh, no. Those are not workouts. Those are recreation.

Want a real workout? I have one for you but be warned. It involves a four-letter word.

Dirt. And lots of it.

After months of being frustrated with the state of our yard and my garden, I woke up bright and early to take care of it. OK, I woke up bright and early to take care of Miles but I was at the door of Do It Best when it opened at 7:30.

I spent $25 to rent a tiller for four hours. And in that four hours, I doubled the size of my garden (the new side is on the right) and cleared out the jungle along the back fence.

The area behind the screened in porch was taken care of, too, as was the remainders of the foundation job done before we moved in.

 Our compost corner

I spent hours tilling, raking, bagging and sweating in the vain effort of having a respectable yard. When I was finished, every square centimeter of clothing was soaked and I couldn't muster the energy to help Mark lift the tiller into the car to return it to Do It Best.

Want an ego check? Well, I had one when we had to call my father in law to help lift it. My 60-year-old father-in-law whose only exercise is a couple rounds of golf a week had to help me, who is training to teach BODYPUMP and can do pushups on her toes.

I'm a little curious to see if I'll be sore and just how badly. I have a feeling that a lot of it's going to be in the core and shoulders but only a night's sleep will tell.


  1. Gardening is an incredible workout. I read somewhere that you can burn up to 250!!! calories an hour gardening. Maybe if you're 50 lbs ;) but good for you. Keep us posted on what your garden grows.

  2. Holy Yard Crushers HGTV girl!!!!! I'm guessing your forearms and grip will hurt . .. and your back, and shoulders and arms, and abs, and quads, and yeah - I think you should take a rest day tomorrow. WOW!!!!!!! great job though!!!!

  3. Yard work is hard...I haven't done any of it this year. Thankfully my husband has been though or else our yard would be pathetic!

  4. I love yard work just for the simple fact that it is hard and works you out!

  5. Oh yes, working in the yard is a fantastic work out lol. I love you yard it looks like a nice place to hang out!