Thursday, April 26, 2012

Three Things Thursday: Because I want to

It's been a long time since I've posted a Three Things Thursday but I have three things to tell you ... and well, yeah. This is what you're getting.

1. My running has been and will be a bit off this week. With Body Pump instructor training taking up the entire weekend, I won't have the opportunity to get in a traditional Sunday long run - or even a short one. I wanted to try to fit in four runs even still but my aversion to running three days straight has made this impossible. I did run Tuesday and Wednesday and I have another run planned for tomorrow. Unless I can get Miles to sit in the stroller for a 10K, I don't think I'll even hit 15 miles this week.

2. And speaking of running, I had a bit of a scare yesterday. I was having a good run. It was on the slow side but steady, and I felt really good. About 2 (uninterrupted) miles in, I hit some uneven pavement and rolled my ankle. It's the same thing Mark did last August that had him on the DL for months. To be honest, he's still working his way back. I stretched it a bit, took it slow but it seemed OK. I think it was fear more than anything that caused any remaining twinges. Thankfully, it feels A-OK this morning.

3. I made this recipe for dinner last night - the chicken, not the rice (we had a brown-white rice mix). Let's talk about the definition of good because that's what it was. It even got the Mark seal of approval.

I was going to be clever and sneak in a No. 4 but Miles is playing in the toilet. Apparently it's the new fun thing to do.

What are your things for Thursday?


  1. Hey, toilets are intriguing, right?

  2. Oh man, that looks like the type of deliciousness that I ate in Jamaica. Soooo will have to try it out!

  3. So scary to roll your ankle...eeks. I always get so nervous when something like that happens. Injuries suck. Miles and the toilet reminds me of the Tiny Toons Duckie Go Down the Hole. hahaha..hilarious.

  4. Ha! Guess that motivates you to keep that bathroom clean, huh? :)

  5. Glad you didn't hurt yourself! My Thursday thing...freaking out that I am actually now committed to doing a marathon in October. Excited for us to train (virtually) with eachother again. :-) Do you have your plan of attack yet?

  6. Glad your ankle is okay. I do that all the time because I have skinny ankles. Mine always swell up and bruise right away if I roll them. I hate it.