Monday, April 23, 2012

Pump it up

A month – that’s how long it’s been since I’ve been to an actual Body Pump class.

Saturday, I did something about it.

I met “L” just like old times and got to work. We did a mix of releases 79 and 81, and I could tell that it had been a while since I’d been there. My biceps were quivering during “Living on a Prayer,” and I wasn’t used to doing lunges with a bar.

But I could tell that I’ve been keeping up with a strength routine.

I cranked out full on push-ups like nobody’s business.

And I didn’t need modifiers during the ab track. Side planks, anyone?

It’s a good thing, too – the getting stronger – because I’m going to need it this weekend. Big time.
After much consideration (albeit not as much time as I would’ve liked), I am attending instructor training for Body Pump this weekend. It’s a two-day (all day) course where I will learn all about my favorite exercise that is not running. It is my hope to become certified and pick up the Saturday class that I’ve been taking for so long.

It’s a big step, one filled with anxiety and excitement, but I know it is the right one. I knew it when everyone was chatting about winning the Mega Millions. People were going to quit their jobs and lounge. I said that I’d have to work to keep myself out of prison (Mark knows I’d kill him), and I’d like to be a group fitness instructor. I couldn’t help but wonder why I would wait to win millions to get an extra job. If that’s the path I’d take in my dreams, why not take it in the real world?

This is how we like to live our life/ I got a feeling everything is gonna be alright/ So come on, come on, come on
- "Party All Night," Sean Kingston (chest track, Body Pump release 79)


  1. Good luck with the training. I've never been to a Body Pump class. They don't offer it at my gym. :(

  2. You will do great!!! I wish I could be one of your students I am sure you will make it fun and interesting!!!!!

  3. You look amazing! And your shoulders are jacked!

  4. Also, really excited for you train to be an instructor. Way to go!

  5. That's awesome that you're going to get certified! I was just talking to my husband about what I want to do if I quit my full time job after we have another baby and I was telling him a fitness instructor or personal trainer. Getting paid to exercise? Yes please!

  6. Ohhh, that is so exciting! I'm sure you're going to make a great body pump instructor!!!

  7. you are strong!!

    that's awesome about the body pump instructor pursuit - i bet you will be great!

  8. Check out those shoulders!!!

    Body pump is awesome, I love that you are going for it!

  9. Great job. That is amazing that you are going for your training. Good luck!

  10. So awesome! Congrats on following your dream. Sucks I'm way too far to take your class. You'd be such an inspiration.