Thursday, April 12, 2012

Just a feeling

I'm sick.

Or, I'm getting sick.

Or, maybe, I think I might be getting sick.

Any way you look at, one thing is clear: I don't feel the way I'd like to just two days out from a half marathon.

I felt fine yesterday morning but began to notice symptoms when I was sitting in an off-site epic work meeting. I felt, almost, well, stuffy. I could breathe but I had the urge to constantly blow my nose. When the 4.5-hour meeting was over, I was exhausted. Wiped. I just wanted to nap. And blow my nose. I decided, though, to keep my spin plans and headed to the gym.

Spin was great. I didn't feel bad or overly tired. I kept up with the instructor and felt strong throughout. I left breathing A-OK.

As I settled in for the night, the symptoms returned. By the time I went to bed, I couldn't breathe through my nose. My throat was sore when Miles woke up at 11:30 (so much for a repeat performance). When he got up again at 5, I was tired, cranky and an overall mess. I briefly considered skipping my run to rest, especially ahead of Saturday's race, but I thought it would be in my best interest to go out. The illness was above my head, and running always seems to do wonders for drainage.

I set out for three miles and knew if I had to turn back, I would. I coughed a bit. I snorted a lot. I spit even more. I didn't feel fantastic by any stretch of the imagination but I could breathe. Officially in taper, I didn't feel bad about going slower and taking a bit longer breaks at street crossings.

My symptoms seemed slightly better once I finished up but I was nowhere near 100 percent. I'm hoping that a stockpile of Zicam, Emergen-C and lozenges and hydrating my butt off will help.

It has two days.


  1. Way to give that "feeling" an eviction notice!

  2. Hope you feel better Kim!! Good luck this weekend!!

  3. Get the over the counter (the kind you sign for) Mucinex. It's crazy powerful and will help drain you out fast. FEEL BETTER!!!

  4. Ugh that is frustrating, I really hope you start to feel better!

  5. Ick. Hope you feel better for your run!!

  6. Oh no, hope you feel better by Saturday!

  7. Aargh! Hope it's just taper madness, and that it melts away by race morning!

  8. Oh no!!! I hope you start feeling better really soon. Rest up, take all those meds and eat well. Maybe a few days of rest will help your body heal and you will wake up race morning feeling super good. :)

  9. Are we living parallel lives right now? I am also sick with the race two days out! What makes it worse is that the weather on Sunday, rain/snow mix. Awesome.

    I hope you feel better by race day!

  10. Girl - no wonder you mentioned a certain Zumba class . . . as a way to clear out ALL of your sickness bugs. Hmmm, I definitely hope your feeling better and ready to rock the race tomorrow!!!! Hugs and wishing you the bestest run ever!!!!!