Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bottom's up

I didn't need a good race to tell me I was back. I already knew.

I knew it when I was trying on shoes last week at Old Navy.

Don't see what I'm talking about? Look a little closer.

The nail on my second is a lovely shade of black. A black toenail. I have one! And, I have to say, it complements those sassy wedges quite well :)

While this is not my first black nail, it's my first post-baby (who's tired of that phrase?) and it's an outward sign of all the miles I've put in the past few months. I shall wear it like a badge of honor.

Or until people tell me it's gross. Which happened today.

I guess it's ballet flats for me.

By the way, those cute shoes are also from Old Navy. I was lucky enough to score another Sample & Share opportunity via Crowdtap. This time around, I got a coupon for a free pair of shoes and a free bottom - plus coupons for three friends. It was a Bottoms Bonanza!

I took a few girls from work on our lunch break because shopping during lunch = Awesome.

Between the four of us, I think we tried on everything in the store. I tried a couple pairs of shorts but 9 times out of 10, I am not comfortable in them - even if the size on the tag was one I once envied.

A 5-inch inseam sounds long but I always feel like my butt is hanging out. Or, (as not evidenced) in this poorly taken photograph,  I feel like I'm wearing a diaper. Shame, the shorts were cute.

In the end, I felt most comfortable in a skirt - my go-to summer item. You get the cooling effect of shorts without fearing that your overexposed.

By the way, I do not recommend Vibrams with this skirt. I always try to take Tim Gunn's advice and make it work but I just couldn't. My 5-year-old aqua wedges from Target were a much better option - especially for work.

The Vibrams, I guess, I'll save for the weekend ... or casual Tuesday. 

Does anyone else have trouble dressing in anything other than running clothes? I used to consider myself a fashionista - or at least well-dressed - and now I find myself struggling to pick out more than Nike coordinates.


  1. I just have to say, your blog always inspires me and encourages me that I can do it too. :)

  2. How much fun was your lunch hour! Dang - girl - party at lunch! I think your skirt is cute and I'm sure you looked better in the shorts than you gave yourself credit for! Happy Birthday friend!

  3. i'm jealous of your lunch hour. like a lot.

  4. Girl, my toes are pitiful. I have considered taking pictures but am scared that I don't actually have runners feet b ut something worse. I have finally moved beyond black toenails to NO nails. Fun times. Everyone says having ran a marathon I earned the no nails just like I did the medal. I still wear my flip flops daily and dare people to speak of my toenails...or lack of.