Wednesday, March 28, 2012

There goes my hero: A giveaway

Can you feel it?

The heat.
 The heat from you tearing up the Hero Rush course.

Hero Rush is a race through a 5k+ course of heroic (and unique!) obstacles — slide, climb, get wet, get lost, get WETTER, make some saves and a ton more.

Or, as I like to think, it's the next thing to come to adventure racing. (Note: I am not sure if the term "adventure racing" is correct as I just made it up. But I like it. Feel free to use it.)

The race, which is in its inaugural year, will be making stops all across the country. Minnesota, Texas, Los Angeles, Oregon, Illinois, Florida. Heck, there's even one in my neck of the woods. With each stop, participants will get the chance to take on:

  • Dispatch Descent When the bell rings, the Rush is on .. head up to the top of the pole and take a slide down, it’s time to Respond!
  • Mazed and Confused It’s dark, surrounded by cries for help (and more), will you escape?
  • Dummy Draggin’ You’ve got the victim, now get ‘em out just like a real hero!
  • Stretcher Evac Find a buddy for this one (unless you’re super strong), save the day and get ‘em to the Chopper M*A*S*H style! (* Actual helicopter not included)
  • Hose Advancin’ Can you stretch the line quick enough to make an impact?
  • Foam Adventure You’re gonna get a little sloppy on this one
  • Towerin’ Inferno – Raining Stairs A surprise obstacle that will test your up and over skills to the max
  • HazMat Zone Could be slimy, could be smelly, could be a combination!
  • Fire Truck Tackle Fire trucks may block your path, how you gonna get through to save the day?
  • Smoke Jumper The next best thing to jumping out of an airplane into the inferno
  • Entanglement One of the biggest dangers to real firefighters — getting caught and not being able to get out.
There's also a Midway, where you and your crew can be a Hero and practice their firefighter skills on fiery obstacles (14 and older only), live demonstrations and experiences, and kid’s course options. There’s also music, food and drinks and shopping. Oh, and the opportunity of seeing some fine men in uniform. Or at least I hope.

And you get to enjoy it all ... for free. Well, one of you. The folks at Hero Rush are kindly offering one Healthy Strides reader a free entry. To any one of the races.

To enter the giveaway, like Hero Rush on Facebook and leave me a comment that you did so.

Giveaway runs from March 27 to April 3, ending at midnight EST.   Entries after that will be considered null. The winner will be chosen via and will be announced Wednesday April 4. Winner is responsible for contacting me hlthystrides at gmail dot com by Monday, April 9, or a new winner will be chosen.


  1. That looks like a lot of fun, in a slightly painful way! I have "liked" them on facebook!

  2. Liked on Facebook. I am looking at doing this or Warrior Dash, but seem to be injury prone when I do anything other than running, not too quickly, in a straight line. But I would be all over a free entry!

  3. Liked on Facebook, and would really love to try this! I'm trying Dirty Girl and Warrior Dash this summer, and would love to try HR too, but these things are getting awfully pricey!

  4. Looks like fun, I liked them on facebook.

  5. Great! I've liked them on FB for a while.

  6. Great! I've liked them on FB for a while.

  7. Great! I've liked them on FB for a while.

  8. Great! I've liked them on FB for a while.

  9. Did it! Fed fire representing!

  10. I liked them on FB! I'm signed up for the MD race. Would be awesome to do it for free! :)

  11. I have liked you on Facebook...looks like a great giveaway

  12. I liked them on facebook! This looks amazing. I used to be a volunteer firefighter and holy macaroni at this course!