Monday, February 20, 2012

Bottom's up

Sometimes you just need a beer.

Served in a glass from your first 5K ... of course.

Sometimes a baby cries for his mom from the moment he gets up till the moment he goes to bed - even if said mom needs to brush teeth and make dinner.

Sometimes a toilet leaks ... and gets your running shoes wet.

Sometimes the weather is absolutely beautiful ... on your rest day.

Sometimes there's rain and snow forecast for your run day.

Sometimes the kitchen faucet doesn't work and when you buy a replacement it doesn't fit.

Sometimes, after a second trip to Menards, a far pricier model and three hours of paid labor later, you have drinking water that doesn't come out of a sprayer.

Sometimes you forget to buy chicken for your chicken lasagna rollups. 

Sometimes you get the dang "Laugh and Learn Puppy" song stuck in your head ... for the entire day, leaving you singing "I love you/I love you/Morning, noon and night."

Sometimes your co-workers don't appreciate karaoke hour sponsored by Fisher Price.

Sometimes a hungry bug bites you.

Sometimes you feel like a chunk even though your pants size indicates otherwise.

Sometimes you run out of calories for the day and don't give a flying fig leaf.

Yeah. Sometimes you just need a beer.


  1. Cheers friend! Enjoy your beer!!!!

  2. hahahahaha I love the flying fig leaf! Mine would be ice cream and a bubble bath!

  3. lol :) sometimes you've earned that beer..hope you enjoy it!

  4. Virtual Cheers! Enjoy your beer. It sounds like you deserve more than just one!

  5. Bahahaha! Can't tell you how many times my run days have NOT fallen on sunny and unseasonalby warm weather days here in Ohio =( Enjoy your beer =)