Friday, January 27, 2012

Perks of being married to a teacher

1. You can say things like, "This summer, I think you and Miles should take a 'Mommy & Me' swim class," and the response you get is: Will we need water wings?

2. Early dismissal times mean he has time to go to the grocery and pick up lettuce, tomatoes, Diet Coke and sweet potato fries.

3. You still get to go shopping for school supplies. Lisa Frank folders for everyone!

4. You can feel good knowing that he is shaping the minds of young children ... by assigning "The Hunger Games."

5. You finally get to fill that longing to be a teacher's assistant and help grade papers with an iron red pen. You used the wrong form of "it's"? No points for you!

6. Two-hour delays offer a break for you (and not for him). After ice prompted the district to call a delay yesterday, I got to get in my interval workout on the treadmill, shower in peace and get dressed - all without worrying that Miles was going to fall of the bed.

7. When a 2-hour delay turns into a day off, you find yourself with a lunch date with Mark, Jimmy and John.

As I'm a lady, I first greeted Mark.

And then ravaged Jimmy & John.

I was feeling particularly healthy so I ordered some paper ... err ... a #12 Beach Body Unwich.

Turkey, provolone, avocado spread, cucumbers, sprouts and tomato (hold the mayo) - OH YEAH. This baby clocked in at 199 calories and 9.78 grams of fat (healthy fats, mind you). I would be lying if I said that I didn't miss the bread but I got the things I love most at Jimmy John's - sprouts and avocado spread.

I also had a giant pickle (no, I'm not pregnant) and split a bag of Thinny Chips with my main man, Mark. By the way, those sneaky guys at Jimmy John's should be reprimanded. The bag of Thinny Chips was actually two servings. Had I eaten the entire bag, which would have left no room for the cookie we split, I would have eaten more calories in chips than I did unwich.

What do you get when you go out for a workweek lunch date? Do you have a favorite place?


  1. Aww love this. You guys are too cute together. I would love for a lunch date with Ryan during the week. It's never happened though, maybe someday. I've only had jjs once but avacado spread and sprouts sound Sooo good!

  2. Such a great post!!! Well written and funny!!!! I don't get lunch time dates and my husband works just upstairs from me (sigh!).

  3. I am jealous of your lunch date!!

  4. Lunch dates are the best! Yours looked like a lot of fun. When I can get away for 30 minutes or drag the husband away for a little bit we usually like to head over to Panero for some yummy sandwiches.

  5. We do a lot of lunch dates - its a great way for my husband to see Willa during the week (since she's usually asleep before he gets home). And she's at a great age for sitting in the high chair (which she loves) and she eats her lunch too. Can't say we have a fave place though - we love to try new places and are constantly rotating where we go.