Friday, December 16, 2011

Well, aisle be

It was looking desperate.

P1010426 Don’t be fooled by the look of the fridge –
a good chunk is breast milk and three types of leftover buns.

No milk. No eggs. No fruit of any kind. The peanut butter was dangerously low, as was the bread and orange juice.

Trying to find something for breakfast was like an episode of “Chopped” – oats made with water, sunflower seed butter and reduced sugar grape jelly with a side of pre-cooked turkey sausage that I found in the depths of the freezer. Thank God, I had some half-caff coffee or I might have been marching to Burger King for a Croissan’wich and cup of joe.

Instead, I bundled up Miles and marched down to Kroger.


I guess that’s the perk of a workday that starts at 10 a.m.


We blazed down the aisles, tossing in bananas and clementines, spinach and broccoli (for Spinnocoli Pizza), flour and marshmallows (for holiday treats) and frozen meals and Kroger’s Private Selection ice cream (for Mark).


An hour and $93 later, Miles and I had everything on the list … and then some. What can I say? I really wanted grapes … and Diet Coke.

What are your grocery staples?

Mark has to have for the week: bananas, orange juice, milk, beer, cereal bars, frozen breakfast items (i.e. Jimmy Dean sandwiches or waffles), frozen meals for lunch and a frozen pizza.

Me? I need at least two kinds of fruit, baby carrots, fat-free hot chocolate, peppermint tea, Progresso light soups (vegetable barley is my fave), eggs for breakfast and wheat bread.


  1. Miles is so cute - he's getting so big. Auntie Lisa misses him.

    You're a rock star for grocery shopping before work - good gosh, I'm not alert enough to do such tempt such a feat - be scared to see what ended up in my cart at that early hour- ha!

    Great job avoiding Burger King!

    I'm a BIG fan of having whole wheat bagel thins on hand as a must.

  2. It's funny what different people NEED every week to survive. My husband needs baby carrots, bread, lunch meat, cheese, chips and Mtn. Dew for his lunch. He takes the same lunch everyday! I need greek yogurt and fruit, but other than that I'm flexible most of the time.

  3. Let's see - bananas, eggs, salsa, bread of some sort, soy creamer, canned refried beans, frozen veggies. My husband needs Diet Coke but I don't really drink it anymore.

  4. I very much approve of the produce and marshmallow grocery cart :)

  5. coffee, bananas, wheat bread, cheese. yogurt. cheerios. peanut butter. the rest is pretty flexible...

  6. Cute picture of Miles!!! A few weeks ago my mom's fridge was like bare. It was awful!!!!! Yay for grocery shopping!!!! O the joys of frozen meals for lunches!!! I did that a few times during my student teaching!!