Monday, November 21, 2011

Let there be light: A product review

There’s a difference between having a glowing personality and being a glowing person.

While both will garner the attention of those you meet, the former will make you lots of friends and the latter will, more than likely, guarantee you to be the talk of the town – to put it nicely. It might also guarantee that you would be visible to passing motorists on your early morning runs and less likely to be scolded by creepy, mean ladies hanging out in parked vans.

I like friends. I also like not being yelled. But none of that matters because neither my insides or outsides glow.

Good thing the folks at Road ID and Outside PR intervened, prevented any wallowing that could follow.

I was given the chance to try out some Road ID products of my choice. I mentioned that I picked up a slim Road ID, which has emergency info for both Miles and me, but I also selected two Firefly Supernova lights in green (my favorite color).


About the lights (from the Road ID site):

This little fella packs quite a punch. Simply put, it's the brightest, lightest, most durable security light in its class. Other lights just don't compare. You won't believe how bright this safety light is. Its durable plastic clip enables you to securely attach it to your waistband, belt or even your shirt collar. Wear it whenever you go out at dark and be seen by motorists from up to a mile away.


My thoughts:

In one word: Like.

In more words: I’m a fan.


I really do feel safer with the lights. You flip the battery one way and the light blinks. Sort of like a truck backing up – which is always awesome. Flip it the other way, and it’s a steady beam.


(ET phone home. ET phone home.)

While I can’t guarantee that I can be seen from a mile away, it is like a strobe light in my front entry way. It’s hot. Oh, and no creepy lady sitting in a van has stopped me to tell me that I’m hard to see.

I was surprised at how comfortable the lights were to wear. I didn’t spring for a sassy wristband or belt, opting to just clip them to my jacket and waistband. I have yet to experience any chafing and I actually forget that I’m wearing them. You know, except for that green flashing reflection on the BOB.

One note: I received two lights and one of the two did not work. The battery was good but the light itself did not work. I contacted Road ID, and I was sent a new light with a self addressed stamped envelope to return the bad one. Impressive customer service. Very impressive.

Disclaimer: While I was provided with these products, the opinions (and photo of me) are completely my own.

What’s your favorite way to light up the night … or morning?


  1. awesome! Love Road ID, this product would be really helpful. I have a headlamp and I hate it. This is a better alternative.

  2. I have one of those but it's gone missing since last winter. I really loved it. I usually hook it to the back of my running cap or my pants in blinky mode. I'm all about visibility.

    Also, all my experiences with Road ID have been above and beyond great customer service. I had a tag that started to wear out from all the sweat that ate on the metal, and they replaced it for free. High five, Road ID!

  3. So cool! I should get one of those, too.

    And I've had great experience with Road ID, oto. They're classy!

  4. I rarely run when it's dark out because, well, I just don't trust my neighborhood. But when I do run in dim lighting I use a Pelican clip-on's red and it blinks and it's waterproof and has a lifetime guarantee. I've had mine since...gosh, high school? and I've only ever had to replace the batteries :)

  5. I have a red one of those fireflys - fun!!! I wore it on my sun visor when "C" and I ran a dress rehearsal at the Geist. I liked it. I felt it made us much more visible to traffic.

    I also wear those bright "road construction worker" shirts in order to avoid mean crazy ladies yelling at me (oh, and to be seen). I love how I feel more confident. I wear the orange one this time of the year as well in order to be seen by hunters :(