Monday, November 7, 2011

Taking it (Big) Easy

It's time to go home. Go home to the city where I was born. And run it.

New Orleans, here I come!

For months my BFF and I have been talking about taking a girlfriends getaway. We wanted to do something to celebrate our April birthdays and reminisce about the trips we took together - pre-husbands and pre-babies. We thought about California, the Bahamas, Austin, Texas until we nearly decided on going to Arizona for a spa weekend.


Just as we were getting serious about finding accommodations, I learned that the Rock 'n' Roll series was starting to do half-marathon relays (one leg is 8 miles, the other 5.1). And there was a race in March in New Orleans, which would fit our criteria of being (somewhat) close to our birthdays and being somewhere warm.

I emailed her the idea and we spent the rest of the afternoon thinking about it, talking about it and dreaming of a weekend sans babies. Within two days, airfare and hotels were booked. And today, with our registration, we made it official. BFF and I are running the Rock 'n' Roll New Orleans half-marathon relay.

It's going to be completely mad. M.A.D.D., actually. Mothers Avoiding Diaper Duty. And let me tell you, I am pumped. P-U-M-P-E-D.

What are you excited about today?

(P.S. Sorry Jams. I didn't even see the D.C. half until we were booked.)


  1. Oh my goodness I'll be there, too!!! We'll definitely have to have a meet up! :0) YAY!

  2. Wow - HOW.FUN! Going to admit I didn't know you were from NOLA - how out of it am I??? Seriously lamo - sorry! GREAT trip. I read lots of blog recaps about the rnr nola race this year - ALL positive reviews!!!! Yay for you and your bestie!!!! Have fun girls!

  3. awesome, so fun!! Perfect way to spend a gfs weekend if you ask me :)

  4. Yeay! I'm going to New Orleans next month for work. My husband is flying down with Ella once work duties are over. That should be a fun race! Love destination events.

  5. Oh gosh, you're going to have so much FUN! I went to New Orleans in February 2010 and I'm still pretty sure it was the best trip of my life :)

  6. I am so jealous! I LOVE New Orleans. I wanted to take my husband for his 30th b-day, but taking personal days is STRONGLY discouraged at my school. Boo! What a fun thing to do on a girls only trip.

  7. So exciting!!!! That's one race I have been dying to do and I've always wanted to see New Orleans! Can't wait to hear all about it.