Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What I Ate Wednesday: Tweet, tweet

I used to be all about Twitter. Under the name redheadrunswild, I would tweet about training for my first half-marathon and then my second and anything else related to running. I found it to be fun and mildly amusing, or at least a way to pass the time. It also allowed me to connect with other runners and feel apart of a community.

For about 5 seconds.

Then, after those 5 seconds, I felt like I was in high school again. Ostracized and definitely not part of the cool clique. Instead of it being the girl with the red Ford Probe and her followers, it was the #runnerds and seemingly everyone who was training for the 2010 Chicago Marathon (#cm10). I began to tweet less and eventually stopped.

Occasionally, I’d get a direct message from a pal or log on to tweet a giveaway I really wanted to win but I was no longer a part of the Twitter community. It just wasn’t a big deal to me.

And it still isn’t.

Of course, it didn’t stop me from downloading Tweet Deck on my phone. I blame boredom … as if I could ever be bored. My new username/handle is healthy_strides if you care. It’s OK if you don’t. Getting pooped and peed on pretty much cements the fact that I’ll never be cool. But, today, I’ll be posting What I (Really) Ate Wednesday as opposed to showing you what I ate Tuesday on Wednesday.

So what did I eat Tuesday?



Bowl of pumpkin oats (photo so crappy I refuse to share) and egg white omelet with turkey sausage.



Leftover Sloppy Buffalo Joes on a bed of romaine with blue cheese and ranch dressing


P1010205 P1010206

A whole bunch of shit – Honeycrisp apple, grapes, carrots, popcorn and a Kashi bar


chicken_&_dumplings_1_400Campbells Kitchen Photo 

Slow Cooker Chicken and Dumplings

Evening snacks

photo(4) P1010207P1010209

Skinny Cow, rice cake with sunflower seed butter and a hot chocolate

What are your favorite snacks? Do you use Twitter?


  1. I do not use Twitter. I tried once but I just don't get it and I have so many other outlets I try to keep up with that I cannot handle one more. lol Your food looks so yummy...especially those buffalo sloppy joes!

  2. I use twitter, but I end up having conversations mostly with my brother. It has helped bring some traffic to my blog, but I totally get the cool kids clique feel of it. I like to use it to stay in touch with some of the people that are doing the same challenges as me like Fire it Up for Fall or "The NEw Rules of Lifting for Women", but that's about it. I usually only tweet when I have a new post.
    Your eats look delish!

  3. I use twitter and am now following you. I don't tweet much and I don't really understand the concept most of the time. But I use it for the posts that I don't want to post on FB.

  4. Ummmm you said "shit" - you better brush up on your homeschooling skills . . . Miles is so totally gonna get kicked out of Kindergarden :) Ha!

    The Chix & Dumplings looks amazing. Honeycrisp apples are my total FAV!!!!

  5. I never knew there was a social structure to Twitter! I tweet all the time and I'm pretty sure I'm the coolest person in my little universe. Just like in high school I'm oblivious to how uncool I am.

    I use Twitter mainly to broadcast the consistency and volume of my daughter's bowel movements to a small group of friends.

  6. I'm on twitter but I still don't really get it...

  7. I sometimes use twitter but I don't think I'm that cool with it. I am following you now :). That salad looks good!

  8. I use Twitter a lot now, but I know what you mean about how it can seem clique-y at times. I just log on to chat with those I need to chat with and try to ignore whatever else doesn't involve me.

    Either way, I'll be following you soon!

    Also, my favorite snacks: edamame, apples, string cheese, and a random half bag of pepperoni pizza combos I found in my car today!

  9. I have Twitter but admittedly I am on there very seldom... I have to use it for work and it makes me loathe to use it personally. The only time I like it is when I actually want to contact someone on there or say something completely unimportant. :)

    Fav snacks: Popcorn (eating some as we speak), edamame, and cookies. :)

  10. I'm on twitter and I'm pretty sure it's just not for me. I'm too uncool to even write tweet.

    Can wine be a snack, because that's my evening go to of late. For reals though, all I need is a box of cereal and my snacks are done for the day. Puffins or Gorilla Munch are my faves.