Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What I Ate Wednesday: Picture perfect

I took a photography class once. I was in college, and I needed a journalism elective. I could have taken a basic design class but I didn’t like the instructor and I had already taken the Internet class. The photo class was taught by my fave prof and I had always wanted to learn how to develop film.
Wow, I just aged myself.
While we didn’t learn to develop film (boo!), I got schooled on a manual camera and the rule of thirds. I took photos of my brother in a cemetery – my attempt at being thoughtful – and shared shots of Israel. And that’s about it. My days of a budding photographer were done.
Nowadays, I use a point-and-shoot Panasonic Lumix (I highly recommend) and use some of its scene modes to take photos. The one with a plate and fork and knife is what I use for all my WIAW shots – I’m a genius. I do wish I had the talent to do more but when you are trying to take a photo of your breakfast while holding your 14-week-old, it’s about all you can handle.
So I present to you a sample of yesterday’s eats, in pro form, if I had the know-how and equipment.
Breakfast (the second of the day):
Greek-style Egg McMuggin. Starting with this idea, I put egg substitute, a garlic and herb Laughing Cow wedge, half-slice toast, spinach and tomatoes in a mug. At the second heating, I added reduced-fat feta. It was yum-tastic.

Leftover slow-cooker ham, green beans and potatoes.

BBQ chicken pasta. It’s a family favorite. Time-saving note: I cooked the chicken breasts in some water in the slow cooker overnight, shredded it in the morning and put it in the fridge so it was ready to go for dinner. Plus, the leftovers can make Buffalo Chicken Tacos or Chicken Caesar sandwiches.
Oh, and if you were wondering what Miles looks like when someone who knows how to take photos takes his photo, well here we go.
Shot by runner, triathlete and local photographer Kelly Benton. (Kelly, I hope you don’t mind me borrowing this from Facebook – our order will be in soon!)
Have you ever taken a photo class? What kind of camera do you use?


  1. Don't mind at all. Thanks for sharing! PS, that pasta looks delish!

  2. Developing film is a pain in the ass and almost completely useless now that we're all digital.... Composition lessons were much more valuable. I took photography in high school, and while I can develop film and prints I'm terrible at actually taking pics. Oh well!

  3. My fav part of this post - well alrigbht, there isn't just one thing. I was going to say the thing that made me laugh was that in one paragraph you talked about taking "the internet class" (for the record, I'm only 6 years older than you and there was no "internet class" when I was in college) AND a few words later you said you wanted to develop film - the true crossroads of technology I'd say :)
    Miles is adorable - great job Kelly on the photos!
    You continue to rock my world with your tips and tricks - cook the chicken in the slow cooker overnight - genius - why didn't I ever think of that? And then make the awesome pasta with left overs for buff chix tacos - YUM!

  4. Oh my gosh, he looks adorable!!!

    I'm actually taking an intro to photography class, but I have camera envy. I only have a canon point-n-shoot and am very limited in what I can do with it. The class is at least helping me with getting used to all the terminology and has helped explain some questions.

    Your breakfast and dinner look delicious - I'm definitely going to try both :)

  5. Recently my camera's LCD screen went black (at a wedding no less) so I've been looking for a camera and really want an upgrade.

    I have no clue what I have now... I know it's not the worst out there (I think it's a Cannon point and shoot kind of digital thing going on) but I really would like one of those professional looking ones with the long lens.

    AND I was thinking of taking a photography class once I get my nice new camera. I would like to be able to take great shots w/ some artistic showing.

    PS- Miles is toooooo adorable! I just want to squeeze his cheeks!

  6. Your little man is SO ADORABLE! I love how your food is always so different! So much variety!

  7. adorable picture of the little one

  8. Oh man, I want that pasta. and the egg mc muggin, awesome.