Thursday, October 13, 2011

Weighing in: Stopping by Wendie’s

Anyone miss last week’s weigh in?

Yeah, I did, too.

Actually, I didn’t miss it – I just wish I had. I was up nearly a half-pound at Weight Watchers and, to be honest, I wasn’t surprised. Mark and I ate out a lot while we were in Cincinnati – like every meal – when we were there for my brother’s wedding.

This week there seems to be no change, which is a bit disappointing. I felt pretty good about my efforts, getting in my four Huff training runs and having taken a stab at the Wendie plan to jumpstart things. The Wendie plan “uses your extra weekly points in a certain distribution to help increase your metabolism so you can start losing that weight again.” [source]

What’s working: The Huff training schedule. Last night, I went down to the basement at 9 p.m. for a treadmill run. It wasn’t necessarily because I felt exercise guilt but because I didn’t want to skip a run so early in the plan. The Huff will help me exercise for a purpose other than weight loss, which I find reduces stress and makes it more fun.

What’s not working: My recent re-discovery of the fabulousness that is the McDonald’s ice cream cone.


While I will tell nearly anyone that the McDonald’s cone is a reasonable indulgence, it is NOT a reason to makeup an errand in order to leave the office and get one. 

Plan of action: Different version of the Wendie Plan and do Jillian Michaels once this weekend.

Now, with all of that said, I’m beginning to realize, more and more every day, that 9+ months pregnant = 9+ months to lose weight. And you know what?


Seeing this guy smile is worth it.I think.

How has exercise changed your perspective on weight loss?


  1. I was reminding myself that yesterday - that the weight will come off, but I need to be patient. It just seems like no baby = no more extra weight... but it's not that simple, huh? You're doing awesome and definitely inspiring me to keep going!

  2. While I have a much longer way to go with weight loss than you, I get it. For me though 9 months to gain it has been 2+ years trying to lose. But it's my own fault. With this whole journey I have learned that being patient does pay off. It's hard some days though! You are doing a great job! And man oh man is that baby boy ever cute!!!!

  3. I too am a big believer in Weight Watchers, but I'll be honest, the weekly points allowance never worked for me. But only gaining half a pound while eating out is pretty darn amazing!! I also think that challenging weekends sometimes take a little time to clear out of your system. At least with me they did. Everyone's weight loss journey is unique for sure. I am also doing the Hal Half training plan right now. I find when I increase my mileage it almost stalls my weight loss efforts, but I still notice changes in my body. Keep up the great work .. sounds like you're doing fantastic!

  4. You have plenty of time... I know the number is easy to focus on, but you're doing the right things. Take care of you... Eat mindfully and fuel your body (with some treats here and again)...

    And Miles is definitely worth it!!!

  5. I also have a weakness for Micky D's ice cream cones. So delicious! You're doing great, a half pound up or not!

    I just love exercising whether I need to lose weight or not. Of course right now I have some of those baby lbs to get rid of, but you're right, 9 months on, 9 months off. I definitely need a plan of action though to keep myself going right now. It's so easy to say, ugh I'm exhausted or reach for that extra snack because I'm breastfeeding.

  6. Words of wisdom Kimberly! You really have to be patient, do the right things for your body and your body will respond on it's own time :)

    I've been really slacking on the exercise department, but extra-vigilant on the food one. It's amazing how good eating habits and sleep do a body good! I really do miss the exercise buzz you get after you're done, I just have to stop the laziness!!!

    Keep it up - you're doing great and such an inspiration!

  7. I just came across your blog and looked at your "then and now" pictures. You look amazing! I go through the same problems...wanting to slack, not doing as much as I could but you can do it. You have done it obviously!! Looking forward to following your blog!

  8. Just so you know - Pumpkin Harvest Soup - Au Bon Pain... Do y'all have those where you are?

    And yes.. let's meet, we'll bring the scales.. we'll tell them they're going on vacation and they will never know what hit them!

  9. Sometimes when I am in the midst of a hard training schedule I will gain some weight. I just like to remind myself that the exercise is making me stronger and the scale doesn't realize that.

  10. When I got serious about losing weight in college, my focus was stictly on weight loss. And it worked, for awhile.

    But after graduation? I gained all the weight back and then some. Guess that's what happens when you move back home.

    So this year I set a goal to start running and to run a 5K under 30 minutes. My focus was now on athleticism and improving my time. Weight loss was just collateral.