Monday, October 3, 2011

Road rules

My grandma doesn’t have much to say about running except that I might do it too much. She just doesn’t get it. She respects it – even cracking a joke once that a 10K is barely worth putting your shoes on for - but doesn’t understand it.

If she did, though, I bet she would have some rules. Grandma’s rules of the road.


Rule No. 1: Wear pearls. If you dare wear shorts on a run (because you’re too cheap to buy a running skirt), you must wear pearls as a display of femininity.


Rule No. 2: Put your best face forward (aka wear makeup). No one wants to see your sleep-deprived self and the dark under eye circles that go along with it. Put on some powder. Some rouge. A little mascara. Or, you could be lazy and not wash your face after your brother’s wedding and have the gorgeous day two mascara look. Just be sure to take a cute tip and wipe the smudges under your lower lash – no need to make your under eyes darker than they are.


Rule No. 3: It is always advisable to wear a colored bra under a white tech tee. A blue sports bra, especially, adds a pop of color to your ensemble as you sweat through your shirt on an afternoon 4-miler.


Rule No. 4: Afternoons are advisable as your beauty sleep is of utmost importance. Plus, it gives you time to put some cucumber slices on those dang under eye circles.


Rule No. 5: Take your time and slow your stride. You don’t want to intimidate men by running like a gazelle as they slog along the path – especially if you have a jogging stroller. Plus, a slower pace will keep you from breaking a sweat, which would make your mascara run, which would make your undereye circles worse. Seriously, do something about those tired eyes!

What are your rules of the road?


  1. I love your Grandma's rules...

    My rules include: watch out for dead birds and dirty underwear. More on that to come.

  2. Such a cute post (love those shorts girl!). Very creative post!!!!

    Rules of the road - my numero uno rule is . . . .ummm, well, I guess it would have to be . . .
    Carry a big purse so you can take everything with you - never know when you'll need something (and for running, my "purse" is my hydration belt that is big enough to put you and lil' Miles in!).