Friday, September 2, 2011

Rise and shine

Move that body: 3.28-mile run (4:1 interval, with the BOB)

I might have been dabbling in outdoor runs lately but with a forecasted temperature of 95 and lots of sun, I knew that if I was going to run outside today that it was going to have to be in the morning. Period.

So last night, I began to prepare for an early morning run. A trial, if you will, for when I return to work next week. I told myself that I was going to run in the morning. I put my shoes by the door and laid my Garmin inside the right one. I put out my shorts and running tank by the bathroom. And I had a plan: up by 5-5:30, out the door no later than 5:45 and home by 6:30. If Miles woke up, Mark would still be home and there were, err, supplies in the fridge.

And then Miles decided to party from 4 to 5. While Mark was up with him, I was still up. Listening to lullaby renditions of Dolly Parton songs and grunts and squeals from the crib. A pre-6 a.m. run wasn’t going to happen.

But a morning run would.

I got up at 6:15 while Miles was still sleeping, pumped and gave him a bottle when he woke up at 7. I changed a diaper, found my selected running outfit in the laundry (thanks, Mark) and leashed up Denali. We were out the door by 7:30. Huzzah!

Even at 7:30 a.m., it was a hot one. Seventy-four degrees and very humid. We did a 5-minute walking warm-up and then began my 4:1 interval. It felt a lot harder today than it has - whether it was the humidity, the addition of the jogger or fatigue. It also didn’t help that my running intervals seemed to coincide with the hills along the golf course.

I didn’t give up, though. I just slowed down my pace (even more) and took convenient water breaks. For Denali, of course.

We finished up at 8:15 and I was out of the shower by 8:25. I have to be at work by 10, so if I forgo some personal styling, a 7:30 run will work for all parties involved.

My trial run, albeit not what I had planned, was a success!


  1. Girl you are so amazing I really hope that when have a baby I get back into the swing of things just like you!!! Congrats on the sucessful run!

  2. you so motivate me!! I am going to try and fit in a morning run tomorrow

  3. way to overcome . . . you are just plain ol' awesome! Great job - glad your are working to find what's going to work for your new life :) Have a fab walk this afternoon!

  4. Super impressed! Sometimes you just have to fit in the run whenever you can. Way to go!