Monday, August 1, 2011

Down and dirty

Move that body: 2.5-mile walk

There’s not much that can trump preparations the week before a race.


Well, except for a dirty diaper :)

Mark has got less than a week before his sprint triathlon and we’re working on getting him ready. Miles is showing him (by kicking a lot) how to pedal hard on the bike. Denali is whining for a run. As for me? I graciously caved into letting him hit up the running store for some new kicks and goggles.

I’m nice, right?

Mark stuck with his Brooks Adrenaline and, since we were there, I decided that I couldn’t not get shoes. You know, I’m (hopefully) just 2.5 weeks shy of getting the doctor’s approval to run. I tried on several pairs but stuck with the Nike Structure – the same shoe I got when I was training for Fort-4-Fitness.

NST13WR-1I like them a lot, and they have just enough support for this mild pronator.

I also managed to score a long-sleeve Mizuno top for $10 and a pair of Asics socks. Huzzah!

What’s your favorite running gear?


  1. I NEED new shoes - I've always been a Brooks girl, but I'm not loving the new adrenaline 11s as much as I liked the 10s, so we'll see what I end up with...

  2. 2.5 weeks until the big comeback - oh yeah!!!! You're going to be doing sprints before I get a chance to run slowly with you.
    The picture is simply adorable!!!!!! Oh my goodness!!! Precious beyond words.
    You're a good wifey to let your hubs go to the running store - glad you got something as well. You deserve a new pair of kicks to welcome you back to running /training. Though new shoes for your hubs only a week before his race???? YIkes, blister alert! Good luck to him at his race!!!
    Favorite gear - I'd say my toe socks have been the biggest lifesaver and so even though I would never wear them unless I was running - they are an essential item of running gear for me. Close 2nd are my compression sleeves - they really do make my legs feel better!!!!

    Great post! Hang in there!! We are thinking of you often and sending our warm vibes your way!!!

  3. Awesome! You'll be back before you know it! :0) Love the shoes!! I'm a Saucony girl! :0)

  4. I switched to Brooks about a year ago. Wore new balance since I started running,but I didn't like their upgrade. I love compression socks and my garmin. Also Nike track shorts and body glide. And sunscreen. And a hat on outside runs. And definitely my iPod. And pre-run coffee. Clearly I am not a minimalist! ;)