Monday, August 22, 2011

Baring it all

Move that body: 2.3-mile walk


That was the only thing I ever intended to do in my Vibrams. I understand there are benefits to barefoot running and that people really enjoy it but it’s not just something I’m interested in. I am, on the other hand, interested in preventing injuries and thought walking in Vibrams would provide some of the benefits of barefoot running without actually barefoot running.

Of course, that all changed tonight when a little someone woke up about a third of a mile from home and let me know he was hungry. Very hungry, I gathered from the, err, volume of his request. Some moms might be able to listen to their young one scream as they finish their walk but Miles’ cries make my blood curdle.

So I ran. I ran the third of a mile home in my Vibrams.

How did I like it? Umm … let’s just say I didn’t love it.

I enjoy walking in my Vibrams because they are lightweight and easy, offer my muscles a chance to work on a walk and remind me of playing kickball barefoot in the cul-de-sac as a child. (Yes, I was the girl with the black feet all summer long. I’m pretty sure my mom hated me.)

Running that short distance in my Vibrams wasn’t an experience for me the way walking in them is. Sure, it could have been the reason I was running in them. I mean, no one like a run motivated by an unhappy child. But … I don’t know … it just didn’t seem, well, me.

What’s your stance on barefoot running?


  1. I don't have the vibrams, I have minimalist shoes though (new balance minimus) and I love them. It does take some getting to though, especially because vibrams are drop zero. I bet if you tried it again without the urgency and your natural form, you would like it better.

  2. I'm scared of barefoot running because the streets are nasty and you might get stuff in your feet. I agree with you, I would only walk in the vibrams if I had them. Do your legs or feet feel sore after yesterday?

  3. LOVE running in my Vibrams. But I've found that it all depends on your foot fall. When I was a heel-striker, they hurt like hell and I felt like I was going to tear my foot open with each step. But then I naturally transitioned to a more neutral step and now I love them. They make me feel like a kid again, just running barefoot in the yard. :)

  4. I love running around barefoot. I was always playing barefoot outside as a kid and really enjoy the feeling now too. I just don't do it vey often... Maybe if I had some vibrams I'd do it more often...