Saturday, July 2, 2011

Like a beast

Move that body: I found my motivation last night and went for a 2.7-mile walk after dinner. Nothing this morning but laps at Kroger.

hungry bear

The hunger beast is back.


Or should I say the hungry baby?

Either way, the past few days, I have been faced with near constant hunger reminiscent of my early pregnancy. I’m doing my best to be mindful of the circumstances – weighing whether I’m really hungry or wanting something, whether I need water or whether I’m getting caught up in the fat/salt/sugar cycle – but I’m not going to go hungry. I’m going to eat.

And eat I do.

Even if it means a 5:30 dinner.


Thankfully, Mark is kind enough to oblige his pregnant wife, and he met me at the popular lunchtime spot, Dash-In, which also serves beer and dinner.

The Dash is known for its amazing grilled cheese sandwiches – including an “epic” double decker version – and espresso malts. While I’ve had my fair share of the treats, when I’m eating like I have been, I really try to focus on filling my body with good for me foods and not junk.


Like a house salad with peppercorn dressing – dip the fork method (thank you, WW).


And hummus plate.

It doesn’t look like a ton of food but I was full after eating the salad and a third of the appetizer. (I took the rest home and ate another third while watching a poor Netflix selection - “The Rite”.)

I was so satisfied with my selection that I wasn’t the least bit jealous of Mark.


He had the bruschetta grilled cheese and tomato bisque.


Nope. I wasn’t jealous. Not. At. All.

What did you do for dinner last night?


  1. That hummus plate is so cute - love how it's divided and how it looks like an ice cream scooper was involved. good stuff!

    Last night's dinner was 2 slices of mushroom pizza!

  2. I want a hummus plate- what a creative serving idea for hummus - not going to lie to you now . . .my mom is hosting a family reunion on the 4th and guess what I'm going to be bringing NOW . . . genius! I'm so excited. Woo hoo - life changing kind a food idea right there!!!!!! woo, can't tell you you how excited!
    It looks like a very fun lunch out - dining outside is always nice (wish we lived in a climate where it could be done more often). Never been to dash-out, but it's now officially on the list
    Girl, I've never been so excited (okay, maybe when I learned about buffalo chix tacos) about a food idea!!!!!!!

  3. I am jealous of his sandwich. I loved grilled cheese.

  4. Love the photos. I am making a vow to try and take more food photos. Yummy!!

    We ate dinner around 4 p.m. today! Talk about old folks. LOL.