Wednesday, June 15, 2011

In the weeds

Move that body: 20 minutes upper body

I didn’t skip my strength sesh this morning. No siree. I got out the 5-pound weights, turned on “Good Morning America” and got going.

The exercises: Bicep curl, overhead press, tricep extension, upright row and bent-over row

The workout: Ladder. I completed each exercise for the target number of reps (2-4-6-8-10-12-10-8-6-4-2) to make up a set. I didn’t really rest between sets except to open the windows to let in the morning air.

The goal: Curling the SnugRide



While I was successful at getting in my weights, I totally skipped my cardio. I’d like to say that I did work up a sweat with my replacement activity. But I didn’t. I sat on my butt and worked in my neglected garden. tomatoes needed staked. Weeds needed to be pulled. Things needed to be watered though I’m saving that for today’s rain. By the way, I don’t recommend the whole sitting down thing as it’s probably why I have two nice bites on my bum.

I spent a half-hour, 45 minutes out there and it was well worth it. Things are looking good.


I have some very good-looking kale, flowering tomato plants and pepper plants that I thought were doomed but are now thriving. I can’t wait for summer salads!

Anyone working on a garden this summer? How’s it going?


  1. Ha! You can see my dying garden in today's post.

  2. Love the pic of you curling the SnugRide! :) The husband and I are growing brussel sprouts this year in the garden, curious how they will turn out.