Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Get a whiff

Move that body: 2.68-mile run (one walk break of 0.25 mile)

Dear Park or Golf Course or Richer-than-me people who live in the fancy houses by the park/golf course,

I understand that you want the grass and the flowers and the general things that grow in the ground to look nice. I do. Really. I understand, as well, that there are things that you can buy to help make those things look nice. However, I don’t understand why you have to use things that smell like poo to make them pretty. I seriously felt like I was running through the elephant house at the zoo. For a good half-mile.


And though I did enjoy participating in the Run for the Zoo 10K last year at Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo, I was running fast enough (for me, at that time) that any “charming” odors of the facility didn’t leave me gagging. I also wasn’t 34 weeks pregnant and equipped with super senses at the time, either.

So if you’d like to keep me from upchucking in your yard or on your greens or in your flower beds, I’d advise you to use a less offensive fertilizers. Mmmkay. Thanks.


Healthy Strides


Side note about the run: This morning, maybe pushed by the desire to run from the offensive odor, I decided to switch up the walk-run routine. I have been running 0.85 and walking 0.15 but I didn’t really feel like walking when I hit that mark and decided to see what I could do. I was feeling good and continued to 1.5 miles when I decided to break. Seeing as it was probably my only one for the day, I made it 0.25 mile, giving me plenty of time to “come down” though I didn’t feel like I needed the whole time to do so. I will say that when I started up again I didn’t have any problems with stitches as I have had and today’s little experiment might be worth repeating. 

Oh, and before I forget, Happy Running Day! What are you doing to celebrate?


  1. Happy running Day Kim! You look adorable in your pic below!! You look fantastic!

    Sounds like you are on a really restrictive preggers-diet now, boo! No ice cream? I hear that is the stuff that gets you through it!!!

  2. Someone needs to stand up for the runner girls - the multitude of mulch put down this spring has been ohhh soo offensive!!! Preach it girl. Our Geist half was in all the fancy neighborhoods and that rotting horse poop mulch smell was with us every single mile - cuz even in the business sections of the course - they had it too. NICE!
    Glad you got in a run today and it went well!

  3. Happy Running Day to you too! I ran 2 miles around the neighborhood yesterday and smelled the nasty fertilizers..YUCK. Made me want to stop :)