Tuesday, May 10, 2011

House call

Move that body: 3.05-mile run with Denali (two walk breaks totaling 0.2 mile)

I moved boxes and dug. Moved boxes and dug. Went down the stairs and up the steps and down again. And, after some real detective skills, I was ready to run.


1 day shy of 31 weeks … I’m a bit terrified that I’m going to get even bigger!
I already look (and feel) a house!

Before I get all whiny, let me tell you something: It was 60 degrees outside at 7:30 a.m. SIXTY DEGREES! And overcast! I couldn’t have asked for better weather – it’s been something I’ve been waiting for for, oh, five months. Combine those conditions with my newly decided fave route in the new ’hood and I was as happy as a clam.

Except not.

My hamstrings were still sore from Sunday’s marathon gardening session. I felt slow. Heavy. Labored. I really thought the first half-mile might kill me but I kept truckin’, focusing on my breathing and the audiobook du jour - “The Help.”

Sidenote: “The Help” is awesome so far, and I really love it as audiobook. I think the story is meant to be heard and not read, and I’m not saying that because I don’t actually read anymore.

I got to the 0.6 mark, turning onto a street that would take me into one of the most beautiful parks in the city if I could run more than 3 miles, and I began making bets with myself to make it to the next street, to the next house and then, finally, to the turnoff where I took a 0.1-mile walk. Denali was kind enough to take a bathroom break during this walk, giving me a few extra seconds of deep breathing.

I felt notably better after the break and relaxed. Relaxed into the scenery and the book and the feeling of running. I took one more break after another mile and took it home.

And despite a good finish, I felt a bit overwhelmed that this might have been a good indicator that things are a changing. My pace is definitely slowing – 11:15 today (I cringe just writing it) – and I think more walk breaks will be required to keep on keepin’ on. Sucks. Really does.

Sidenote: No worries to fret, my friends. I am being mindful of baby boy. According to What to Expect, things are good as long as you can feel the baby move within 30 minutes after you’ve finished exercising. He normally makes his presence known within 15. In fact, after one run last week,he nearly knocked the Runners World out of my hands.

And since I’ve whined, anyone want to add something? A bad run, bad day at work, dog pooped on your bed? Tell me so we can commiserate together!


  1. Nothing to bad to report so far today, but I'm just soooo impressed you're running, pushing through, and being amazing the entire time! Your SLOW 11:15 is still WAY faster than I am - I'm pathetic!!!!! Great job enjoying the very most amazing weather and flowers at the park!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. No pooping on the bed, but Radar peed on the couch yesterday! Hmph.

  3. That sounds so challenging, but its awesome that you are able to maintain your running at 31 weeks!! I'm so impressed!

  4. Perfect timing! I'm a total grumpasaurus today. No energy. Stressed out. YUCK.

    And I don't have any chewing gum.

    The weather is nice but I am so grumpy I can't even be thankful right now.

  5. I'll whine that my hip hurts...

    Love love love that you're still running!

  6. My whine is that it's only Tuesday!

    Keep up the running too, go you!!!

  7. You look great!!!! I am so impressed with your pregnant running :)

  8. I am one day shy of 35 weeks and there is no running going on here! haha :) I am happy to get out and do a 30 min. walk! When I get back I am so sore I can barely move! I am very impressed with your running! And you look great! :) And your "slow" pace was my fast pace before I was pregnant! haha :) You are doing a great job! :)

  9. you look amazing!! I'm so glad you are still feeling good enough to run - don't sweat the walk breaks - you are still moving, and that's what counts!

  10. Great pic! To still be running @ 31 weeks is impressive! Just keep listening to your body from here on. Great job!