Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hood winked

Workout: 2.7-mile “run” (walked <.25 mile)

I didn’t even want to count how many days had passed since I last run. While my days have been filled with walks and stairs and all around movin’ around, I was anxious to put an end to my runless streak.

I leashed up Denali, put on the Garmin and headed out to explore the neighborhood. I have run a bit in the area both in training for and during the Fort-4-Fitness half-marathon but this morning was a whole different experience. I felt like I was finding my legs, so to say. I had no idea how long a route would be, where the crosswalks were at and how friendly the neighbors would be.

As it turns out, the route ended up being a bit short, the crosswalks were manageable and the neighborhood dogs were LOUD. But it twas a run and any run is good. Denali got out some much needed energy, I sidestepped the dead squirrel before he could see it and I got to see some pretty houses. I also got a good idea of where I should run, with the ability to adjust the distance of the route, until I’m able to go 4+ post-baby and head to the nearby park (1.5 miles away) and catch the Greenway.


Home update

“It’s hard work screwing everything in this house.”

P1000700 P1000702P1000701P1000704 P1000703

In two days, I installed one towel bar, five curtain rods and seven sets of blinds! The kicker? I did all of it with a manual screwdriver. While I did have access to a cordless screwdriver and used the drill bit to make pilot holes, the Phillips bit was a pain in the rear and it was much easier to manually turn the screw.

Talk about some upper body work! After “finishing up” yesterday (I still have two sets of blinds to go), I could literally feel the pain in my right arm muscles and shoulder.

It’s all worth it as the house (despite the mess) is starting to come together.


  1. Glad you got to explore the neighborhood and are getting your house put together . . . literally. I'm glad things are coming together. "C" said she watched the video of your house on your previous post - she and I both agree - CUTE CUTE CUTE!!

  2. Our 18V cordless driver/drill was a great investment for us. We closed on our first house about a year ago. Of course, we didn't get it until after I was done hanging 6 sets of blinds.

    A powerful driver/drill makes life sooo much easier!

  3. yay!! I loved your video tour :)

  4. Yay for your first run in a while. It sounds like some workout you've been doing though. Your guns will be huge! House looks so cute :)