Thursday, April 7, 2011

Three Things Thursday: My run edition

Workout: 2.51-mile run; 1-mile roundtrip walk for lunch; and planned post-work walk with my boys

1. There is laziness and then there is laziness. This morning, I’m fairly certain that my attire qualified for the laziness category. I wore an old pair of basketball-type shorts … because I had worn them to bed and didn’t feel like digging for my capris in the two baskets of laundry perched at the end of the bend. It’s the same reason I went with an old Victorias’s Secret cotton shelf-type bra. It worked … sort of. I mean, it was 36 degrees out and my legs were freezing and my chest was a shriveled mess from the lack of wicking but I was clothed and in no danger of being arrested for indecent exposure.

2. Mark and I had discussed plans to run last night, and so I went about my morning per the running routine. I got up, went to the bathroom, ate a trail mix bar and sat at the computer in my PJs (see above). I figured I had a good half-hour before getting dressed. Mark, however, sprung out of bed like a running coach and urged me to go, go, go. We were out the door before I had planned to get dressed. Is anyone else like this? You know, spring out of bed and immediately run? I might have been this summer but the winter put me in a routine that required a small breakfast, coffee and a moderate amount of internet time before running.

3. I was not particularly feeling it on this run. My legs just felt TIGHT. Or frozen. Or both. I was sort of glad that I was only running 2.5 miles today and nothing more. Thankfully, I had Mark and Denali with me who do their best to distract me. Denali tries to “greet” teeny dogs and Mark makes jokes as my slow pace requires him to amuse himself in other ways. For example, he spent a good half-mile joking at his “bum” self as he hadn’t shaved for five days and proceeded to ask for change ala “South Park.”

Too bad laughing only makes me run worse. Hmph.

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  1. Ohhh, the days of relaxing and bumming are limited with the sea monkey on the way. Enjoy it- while you can!!!!