Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sock it to me

Workout: 3.49-mile run

When you dream about your efforts to unearth your running socks from the laundry basket, it might be time for you to actually get out there and run.

I hadn't run since Monday, and I was definitely ready to get out there today. Just ask Mark - I've been a royal not-nice lady since Thursday. Thank goodness I always have hormones to blame.

My goal was 3.0 miles for my ::cough, cough:: 30th birthday today. Knowing that Mark hasn't been on the "distance" bandwagon and knowing that I wanted to run my favorite section of the Greenway (a 3.5-mile trip), we decided to go with a run/walk - running a half-mile and recovering for a tenth of a mile. My ego wasn't a big fan of this idea but I have to say that it did feel quite nice to get an active "breather" during the run and helped me to feel stronger during the running portion.

Of course, I would have been unstoppable (ha!) had the wind not been blowing like it was going out of style. I swear that no matter what direction we ran, the wind was right in our face. I even wrote a song about it: I hate the wind. Yes, I do. I hate the wind. Yeah-eah. The worst part about the wind, though, wasn't the feeling of running in place. Oh, no. It was that the run was otherwise such a beautiful one - full sun, mild-ish temps (40 degrees) and signs of spring all along the riverbank.

I will say that the wind did die down the last half-mile or so and I returned home sufficiently sweaty ... and happy, rejuvenated and more like myself than I have for days.

Do you get cranky if you have had a slight running hiatus?


  1. Yes, I do! I get super cranky!


  2. Awesome job, girl!! Yes...I do get grumpy! LOL Hope you had a great Birthday!!! :0)

  3. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow - 30 is a big one!!!!! And, no, I don't get cranky if I don't run often - I probably get super happy :) HA!!!

  4. I'm going to get past my cranky-pants self to wish you a Happy Birthday!!!

    Didn't you know the 30s are the new 20s? It's great - welcome to the clug;)

  5. Happy birthday!!!! 30 is so YOUNG!!

  6. Very! I ran twice last week once on Sunday and once on Thursday, those day's in between were not very pleasant!

  7. I definitely get cranky if I go more than a few days without running! Usually it's because I'm on vacation or sick and the latter is the worst...because all I want to do is run and my body literally just can't handle it...makes for much more crankiness.

  8. Happy Birthday! I've moved past the crankiness and straight to anxiousness about returning to running once this little one arrives.