Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rainy day serenade

Move that body: 3.35-mile run (2 walk breaks totaling 0.25 mile)

Mother Nature hates me. She does. The past week, my northeast Indiana mornings have looked like this:

Rainy window Puddles

Pink umbrella

And the afternoons, as I drive home, have looked like this:

Nice day

Yeah. There’s no debating Mother Nature’s animosity toward me.

But this morning I decided to be the bigger person (literally, these days) and go out for a soggy run. Mostly because Denali has been a real pita chip lately, and Mark and I can only assume it’s because he hasn’t been getting as much exercise. Or he’s peeved that we rolled up his living room rug ahead of the move. Either way a run would do him some good. And me, as well. As we know, I can be a real pita chip if I don’t get my run on.

Things I have to say about this run but can’t find a great, flowing way to say:

*It took me 10 minutes to find my shoes. I think Mark someone moved them from the hallway and put them by the front door, where I would never think to look for them.

*My running hat is packed … somewhere …and I had to go this capless. Boo.

*I realized about a half-mile in that this would be the last run in the ‘hood. Yeah … my sentimentality ended there.

*I felt good but slow.

*I hate hills. I especially hate hills when you have to try to run in the grass because there are MASSIVE puddles everywhere and your socks can not absorb one more milliliter of liquid.

*I got mud on my legs because I had to run in the grass. I sort of liked it.

*I also sort of liked running in the rain because I could feel slightly hardcore despite my sloth-like pace.

*I’m hungry. Wait. That’s not related to my run.

Do you run in the rain? Any tips for making the most of Mother Nature’s “bounty”?


  1. Wow - last run in the 'hood!!! Wow - this is the same 'hood where you first began running???? If so, what a journey you've been on there! So glad you seized the opportunity to get one more in - though this weather certainly SUCKED!!!!!!!

    I do run in the rain. I don't run in HUGELY DOWN POURING rain but light and moderate rain doesn't scare me off (freezing cold and moderate rain scares me off though). Today's warm temps felt great . . . I was actually up at 5:30 a.m. in the rain for about an hour with work!!!!

  2. Sorry about the rain! Way to get out there and run despite the nasty weather!

  3. Yup, I run in the rain. I really have no choice as my runs are also my dogs' exercise. But it sucks. Especially in the winter.