Thursday, March 3, 2011

Where do I register

Best. Shirt. Ever.

springfield 5K


I found this shirt on one of my fave sites – Busted Tees. Not only are the shirts hilarious but I always manage to find the perfect Christmas gift for my brother there. Well, I visited for a bit of a pick me up (remind me not to listen to too much Fiona Apple) and saw this. It’s pretty rad. I’d even wear. Heck, I’d run it if I could. I mean, come on, check out those sponsors! Krusty Burger, Kwick-E-Mart, Springfield Mall, Springfield Nuclear Power, Lard Lad Donuts. I just wonder if Moe will give you a pint at the finish line ;)


  1. That shirt IS hilarious! My husband might finally really enjoy my running if I had that shirt on!!!!!! Great site - thanks for sharing. I like for similar fun t-shirts.

  2. Join us for the Kilt race! You still have time. I haven't even registered yet myself. Wells says there is post-race food and drinks so we can all hang out afterward too. I am doing it as a "fun run."