Thursday, March 31, 2011

Three Things Thursday

Workout: A barely-worth-noting 2ish mile walk with Denali

1. According to Jeff Probst, excuses are for losers. According to me, excuses are for people who don't run ... like me. I had good intentions of going out this morning if only to exercise Denali because Mark has parent-teacher conferences today and won't be home till late. Denali's extended "confinement" (we put him in the office) would be much easier for him if he had a good run and slept most of the day. Alas, I slept like junk, ate too much this morning and lost any motivation I had when Google ate a portion of a work project. So I walked. And made up excuses. At least I didn't blame being pregnant.

2. I have a pretty hot date ... and not with my husband. The lovely Holly and I are going to see "My Run." I won tickets from Zoe, and I am uber excited to bask in my nerdiness on a school night. It's playing in Indiana so I'm sure it's playing where you are - GO! Well, unless you are running 11 miles like someone else I know ;)

3. The house ... oh, yes. We received word yesterday that the sellers agreed to 5.5 of our 7 requested repairs, with a decision on one still waiting on an estimate to be received Monday. The only thing they wouldn't do is replace the roof because it does have a few years of life but they will vent it (that's the half) so we can't complain. It's now game on with a 30-day notice to the landlords, an appraiser going out next week and paperwork to follow. Tentative closing is April 29. Yay!


  1. yayayay!!!! I'm so super excited for you! About the house. Not the excuses... although, I think your excuses were valid. And hey, you didn't use "I'm pregnant." So it's golden in my book.

    Have fun on your date! :)

  2. Cracking.Me.Up!!!! Indeed - popcorn, soda, and a movie about running seems like a MORE fun than 11 miles. And pair that with 2 bloggy friends - yeah, that sounds like a LOT of fun . . . but look at the beautiful day that it has turned into. Can't wait to hear all about the movie!!! Sorry I can't join you. Certainly hope there is another time.
    Great news on the house. The roof will be an expensive thing in a couple of years- can you get a home improvement partial loan now so that you can "fund" the roof project within your mortgage from the get go and that way the money will already be there in a few years? just a thought. So exciting!!!!!

  3. Woohoo for the house!!

    Even if you didn't run at least you got out and moved!

  4. I am honored to have been the "hot date" Ha!

  5. thanks for the comment on my post! I'm curious, what did you think of the movie?