Sunday, March 6, 2011

Morning glory

Workout: 3-mile run with Mark and Denali

Let me tell you, we know how to live it up in the Healthy Strides house.

Mark took his Dad to see "Rango;" Denali is sleeping on the rug; and I'm hosting a "Sex and the City" marathon ... for one ... while a pot of Cincinnati chili simmers on the stove.

Talk about an exciting afternoon but I guess that's what you get when you pack all the good stuff in the morning.

When I woke up this morning, I decided to move my run to the afternoon. I was STARVING and knew a small snack wouldn't even make enough of a dent so that I could run. Thankfully, Mark agreed.

But we forgot to include someone in our little run later decision: Denali. He was howling up a storm as we put away laundry (after breakfast, of course), and I decided that we could squeeze in a few miles before we met our Realtor to look at two more houses.

The miles were a bit chilly - 26 degrees - but not too bad. I've discovered that wearing my Bella Band over my belly helps a bit with the heaviness. Sort of like wearing control top panty hose. Sure, it rolled up a bit but helped to keep things in. I like to keep things in.

I am noticing that the breathing part is getting harder. Darn baby compromising my lung capacity! I am hoping that spring's warmer weather will help with that.

What are you looking forward to most about spring? Feel free to mention my birthday :)


  1. Is today your birthday?????? If so, Happy Birthday to you!!!!

    More house hunting must mean that the inspection was a deal breaker on the one house you had mentioned. Good luck with the new round of "look-y-lous"

    My favorite part of early spring is the green leaves that begin poking through (any day now) for the tulips and daffodils - it's such a wonderful hope that warmer is on the way. I am also a HUGE fan of lighter later (starting next Sunday)- woo hoo . . . sing it with me!!!

  2. I just caught up on my SR blog and saw you won - congrats!!!!!! That's awesome!!!!

  3. When is your birthday??

  4. April 17. The month countdown to 30 begins soon :/