Sunday, March 13, 2011

Comeback trail

I thought I was being turbo nice. My father-in-law is forearm deep in golf heaven with his buddies so I invited my mother-in-law over for dinner. We had pot roast, roasted veggies and biscuits. I even made potatoes for Mark and MIL and watched them drink wine – that’s how nice I was.

We were having a nice meal when my MIL began chatting about an auction at work to raise money for a scholarship fund. One of the items up for bid was registration for the Fort-4-Fitness race – whichever distance the winner so chose.


Mark and I ran the half-marathon last year, both of us scoring major PRs. He came in with a 1:34:xx and I smashed my sub-2:00 goal with a 1:54:12.

I know the half-marathon isn’t a possibility this year – I’ll be two months post-partum come race day and that is barely enough time for a regular person to train. I have, however, been eyeing the 10K race and the 4-mile distance. The 4-miler allows strollers so baby boy could participate in his first race. I have even made plans to make him his own race bib.

Even though I have been thinking about it, I haven’t bit the bullet. And now I don’t have to. My MIL won the registration at the auction and is gifting it to ME. Yes, me. She’s even offered to push baby boy during the race as she’s walking and he won’t be old enough for the jogger. I’m a bit sad that I might leave baby boy behind – I’ve been a bit sentimental about running my first race with him – but at least he’ll still have his first race under his diaper band.

I couldn’t be be more grateful or excited as to have my comeback race set. Now excuse me as I ponder whether I want to up the ante and do the 10K.


  1. Hooray fellow Fort 4 Fitter - how exciting your MIL won the raffle (how fab is that prize!!!! - I only ever win a pack of gum or something lamo like that!)

    Not knowing how the delivery might go (could be fab or might end in an emergency C-section or anything in between), maybe be safe and not over ambitious and aim for the 4 miler. That way, if the delivery is fab - you'll rock the race. If the delivery is more challenging, you'll still feel good about your ability to walk 4 miles. No matter what you choose - know that I'll be sending you my good vibes along the route just as I did in 2010.

    How exciting your lil' man might be the youngest participant!!!

    Congrats racer!

  2. You deserve that free entry just for watching everyone else drink wine :)

    How fun!

    I guess I am the only one NOT to sign up yet... the pressure is on!

  3. Awesome! That's so great! You're going to have a blast! :0)

  4. Could you sign up for the 10K and then if things aren't going well drop to the 4 mile?

    Although if you can run 4, you can run 6... :)

  5. That is so much fun! what a great gift, and an excellent goal for post-baby training!