Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bitten by Jack Frost

Workout: 3.01-mile run

It was after Mark’s fourth “just half, please” margarita at the luau last night that I knew we wouldn’t be getting up at dawn to run.

Nope. No, siree. And, let me tell you , I’m so glad we didn’t.

Once again, we had winter-esque temperatures - 23 degrees at 9:30, and I can only imagine what it was at 7:30 a.m. when we got up. (You can take the pregnant lady out of a long run schedule but you can’t take the long run schedule out of the pregnant lady!) We ate breakfast, I helped Mark grade papers, I peed 300 times.

About 9:30, Mark said he was ready. And as long as I could go, we were going. Then.

I got dressed in winter gear – again – but learned my lesson from Friday. I wore a compression top, lighter quarter-zip, vest, tights, gloves and a regular hat rather than a knit cap. It ended up being perfect. And very pregnant looking.

P1000650 P1000651 P1000652

As you can see, it took several tries to get a photo and Denali refused to cooperate for any of them. Right after the second photo, Denali pawed me in the babymaker and, in the third photo, the only reason he is looking at me is because I had a Teddy Graham in my hand.

Anyways …

Today’s run was OK … and just OK. It was chilly and the wind was brutal. Seriously up in my face for the first half. I hate you wind. On the positive side, we did take the trail up to the campus, making for a nice change of scenery, and I didn’t pee my pants. Too bad I can’t say the same for Denali. Wuss couldn’t even make it a half-mile.

denali pro

Now, if you’ll excuse me. I spent too much time this afternoon watching “Hoarders,” and I’m feeling the need to go through my boxes o’ shoes.

Anyone watch “Hoarders”? What are you doing this afternoon?


  1. I too am over the cold wind!!! You look so different in a baseball cap - jus' sayin' you want to go incognito, you should sport a cap . . . no one will identify it was you.

    Ahhh grading papers - totally don't miss that! Nice you helped him though - that would have made it a lot more fun back in the day!!!!

  2. OMG. You totally need to write a post about your shoes. With MANY photos :)

  3. I'm also pregnant and reading your blog gives me motivation to run. I haven't really run much since I found out in December but I'm trying now that the weather is a little better. Keep up the good work.