Friday, February 11, 2011

Walk on by

Workout: 15 minutes upper body with 5-pound weights and GMA and 3.23-mile run

I woke up with two thoughts.

"Wow, I feel really tired."

"Wow, I am incredibly hungry."

Those two things lead to another thought ... "I don't want to go to IPFW to run."

And while I knew I should run, the hunger part won out. I am pregnant, you know, and you never deny a pregnant lady food. I made myself a delicious breakfast - eggs in a nest and veggie links - and enjoyed "Good Morning America" as I sipped my half-caff coffee.

I picked up my weights and did some curls, kickbacks and shoulder raises. I checked the weather to make sure it was warm enough to walk Denali. Score! A whopping 16 degrees and 7 degrees warmer than yesterday's high, by the way. So I plotted how long I could hang around before walking him when I realized something.

I didn't want to walk. I wanted to run.

Sure, this posed some complications. OK, just one. I was already pushing the clock and running means I would have to wash my hair before work. Boo. Would I have time? With a blast from the past, pre-pregnant Kim decided that it didn't matter. A run was better than looking good at work.

I suited up quickly, dusted off the Garmin and leashed up Denali, who was quite grateful for the decision. It wasn't a pleasant run - I fell in the first 100 yards because exuberant D-boy took a corner too fast and part of the route was a bit bumpy with snow and ice - but it felt so good.

I felt like me again. No Lazy McGee, here.


  1. Be careful out there! Don't fall on your preggers belly!

    Props to returning to the "old Kim." So HARD CORE. Wow.

  2. It is a firm belief of mine that kind of rinsing and/or just splashing your face counts as a shower after a workout if you 1) have showered at some point in the past two days and 2) had an awesome workout. :)