Thursday, February 24, 2011

Three Things Thursday

Workout: 25 minutes with weights and “Sex and the City 2”

Whooah/ We're half way there/ Whooah/ Livin' on a prayer/ Take my hand and we'll make it - I swear/ Livin' on a prayer

022411_MomStyle3_LJG.jpgIt’s official. I’m 20 weeks pregnant. I’m really excited to be at the half-way point though I’ve read the second half feels far longer than the first.

And, per request, here’s a belly pic. It was shot by a gal at work who knows how to take a photo and direct me so I look a little less stupid. I’m wearing maternity jeans (from Target) and a shirt from Express that I bought this summer that is stretchy enough to fit.

1. It’s a funny thing, being pregnant. Your body changes, your emotional stability changes. And your ability to make decisions for yourself also seems to change. Before I move on, I feel it necessary to state that I am an adult. I am 29 years old. I lived on my own for five years before Mark moved into my house. I bought a car, went on vacation, moved to a new state – all on my own. Yet, it seems that now that I am pregnant, I am deemed incompetent to make my own decisions. People tell me when I can go for a walk and when I can’t; what’s suitable exercise and what isn’t; that under no circumstances can I do a cartwheel in the office. I am pregnant. I can’t do those things and it certainly can’t be left up to make those decisions.

I know I sound a bit bitter, maybe more bitter than I really am, but it amuses me that people trust me to grow a person but not walk across the parking lot.

2. Speaking of people bossing me around, Mark is jumping on my doctor’s coattails and advocating limited running. I know he’s trying to protect his kid so I’m cutting him slack. And, I’m checking out a water aerobics class on Monday. It won’t be my first foray into water exercise but it will be the first time where I’m sure to be the youngest person by 35 years.

3. I might have ran in capris last week but winter is certainly not over. We had ice this morning, delaying schools (hence the limited workout), and we’re expected to get 6 to 10 inches of snow tonight. Boo! I’d say I’m hitting the treadmill on campus tomorrow but I have a feeling that I’ll be yoga’ing at home and shoveling snow. I still plan to get in two more runs – Saturday (on campus if necessary) and Sunday.


  1. You look beautiful in that photo!

    I KNOW number 1 is going to drive me up the wall when I'm pregnant. Only my husband gets away with that one. If I want advice I'll ask for it. And I also fully believe it's completely inappropriate for someone to touch your belly without permission.

  2. As far as water aerobics, I took a prenatal hydro aerobics class when I was pregnant with my second. It made me feel light as air and I think the little peanut liked it as well. There were only 2 or 3 of us in the class making it even better. Congrats and you look great!

  3. you look fabulous.

    i know what you mean by #1. what drove me the most crazy is that people also feel they can ask you intensely personal questions just because you're pregnant like "how much weight have you gained"? a woman who was notoriously rude and purposefully mean to me asked that when I was pregnant and shot back, "i don't know. how much have you gained?" (i'm not usually mean, i swear!)
    definitely mean, but she finally stopped being rude to me and asking personal questions.

  4. I think that the most important thing about pregnancy and running is that you listen to your body. And let other people talk. :)

    You look great. And yes, I am jealous. I actually can't wait to get pregnant. :)

  5. First, do you have a tendency to do frequent workplace cartwheels? Cuz that might be a completely separate issue that may need addressing :) SMILE!

    Second, what an amazing photo! You are adorable - JUST.LOOK.AT.YOUR.CUTE.PREGNANT (AND COMPETENT).SELF!!!!!!! yeah for awesome co-workers, and target jeans!!!!

    Third, I'll join you in the "boo for more winter" chant!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGGGG!

  6. Awe, you look great! I totally feel you on people sharing their unwanted opinions on what you should and should not do. I get stares at the gym all the time. I just want to say look, yes, I'm pregnant, that does not mean i need to be sitting on the couch getting fat.

  7. Cute picture! Sorry people are being so silly!!!