Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snowmanpalooza, 2011 tour

Workout: 1+ hours of shoveling snow

Damn you, Jackie Warner. Damn you, blizzard.

My butt, my legs, my arms – they hurt from yesterday’s workout. A yoga class would really do me some good. But the snow, the sleet – it came last night. Level 1 snow emergency, shutting down most of the city. Including yoga.

P1000429 P1000430 P1000431

So, Mark and I decided to get our “workout” on and try to dig out my car in the hope that I could make it to work. Mine is the pretty blue Mazda. Zoom, zoom!

P1000434 P1000432P1000433 

It took us at least 1.5 hours to get my car out of the snow. It seemed that the wind blew all of the snow around my car and not our upstairs neighbor’s. Figures. By the way, Denali did not help shovel snow. He mostly sat around and barked although he occasionally laid down and hid his head under my car.

Part of the problem with the shoveling was that this snow was HEAVY. I bet it was that “heart attack” snow. Another part of the problem was that we had nowhere to put the snow. We already had piles from a snow weeks ago, which was added to yesterday and then today.


It was nearly up to the top of the fence in some places and almost as tall as me. Talk about bending and lifting.

I was so pooped after all of that work that I came in and had a PB&J waffle (low-fat Nutrigrain waffle with warmed PB and raspberry jam) and decided that I could get my work accomplished at home today.

Now if I could only get the dogs upstairs to shut the fig up so I could concentrate.

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  1. Girl - you look very cold! I was out for an hour today doing the same thing - brrrrr and I kept thinking . . . . this is a lot more work than running.