Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Follow the leader

Workout: 2-mile walk with the dog

Back in the day (OK, last year), when I was in full WW mode, I would use the eTools to calculate activity points. A 30-minute yoga session might be 2, a 30-minute run might be 3 and a 30-minute walk with the dog would be 1. After all, walking the dog is not a vigorous, heart-pumping activity.

Unless you own a dog like mine.

I am not sure if you can tell from this video I shot this morning but walking with Denali is a WORKOUT. We do not saunter. We do not stroll. We move. Briskly. I was nearly out of breath at this point, and we hadn’t even completed a half-mile. Yeah. Pretty awesome.

I’m sure you are saying that if he likes to go so fast, why not run. Well, today, running would have been a bit treacherous.



Isn’t that ice just lovely? After yesterday’s 40 degree weather, the temperature dipped into the teens and everything that melted froze … again. Our walk was like a skating rink in parts. I was a trooper and used the opportunity to teach Denali a new word: ice. “Ice” as in we’re walking on ice and don’t pull me down. Mmmkay, thanks.

We’re supposed to hit the 40s again today and, thankfully, the low won’t dip below freezing. And, and, tomorrow’s high is near 50. I am so running in capris tomorrow. I am. I am. I am going to pretend it’s spring if only for a day.


  1. I ran in capris on Sunday and it just felt SO GOOD! (unfortunately, I was back in full winter gear again today) Have fun!

  2. Denali is on a mission!

    My dog Abacus walks the same way, but try to get him to run and you literally have to drag him to get him going.

    Gotta love them, though :)

  3. I was watching my parents dog over the weekend and whenever I walked her, she would love to go as fast as she could and weave back and forth in front of me. Gotta love how dogs just love to go.

    I hope it warms up again for you!

  4. Bless your heart - you're already a good momma!!!!