Sunday, February 6, 2011

Cool front

Please don’t hate on my coolness.


Yesterday – Saturday – I got to wake up at 6:30 a.m. so I could judge the spelling bee. What can I say … I have an inability to say no when asked by my boss and I am easily bribed by the words “free,” “doughnuts” and “lunch,” especially if they are all in the same sentence.

And, yes, I ate a doughnut. Two, actually. It seems I also have the inability to say no to jelly goodness from the Dunkin’ gods. Thank goodness, I can still say no to hamburgers and fries and still pick soup and salad at restaurants. Life’s all about balance. Right? right!

Adding to the weekend fun was more snow – 4 or so inches this time – and 1+hours of shoveling between Saturday and Sunday; the cold that my husband was so generous as to give me; and more house hunting.

Anyone care for a house with carpet on the front porch and in the kitchen?

P1000446 P1000451

How about a house with an updated kitchen and the teeniest sink on the planet?

P1000509 P1000510

Or the foreclosed house in an awesome neighborhood that has no appliances and a wet bar in the living room?

P1000498 P1000500

Next week, we’re looking at four of our faves – and bringing Mark’s parents. Should be a rockin’ good time.

201010649P1000486 P1000495  P1000505


  1. Feel better - you look like you could use a little bit of sleep . . . and TLC (Mark - help your wifey out!). House hunting looks like a bust for this weekend. Spelling bee judge? Cool!

  2. Those houses look horrible (the inside pics). UGH.

    Watch out for the icicles on the awnings. I have heard that is bad. Everyone thinks they look cool but I think it's a sign of a drainage or roof issue.