Saturday, January 22, 2011

Up and away

Pre-workout eats: Chocolate oats

Workout: 60-minute Slow Flow yoga class

Saturday is all about accomplishing things: a good workout – or simply getting in a workout; going to the grocery and staying under budget; picking up a pork loin for a Sunday night dinner and Cubans later in the week; and taking a step toward being a grown-up and meeting with a Realtor.

Oh, and managing to pull up your short, short hair into a ponytail.


I managed to pull it up this morning after my shower before going to yoga. Yes, I shower before yoga. No one wants to be the stinky girl at the studio.

I think I managed OK with the do … with a little help.


I have about 5 bajillion bobby pins in my hair and have no choice but to wear it this way for the rest of the day. Thank goodness our plans for later involve homemade pizza, a redbox and sitting on the couch in front of the fire.

What are your Saturday plans?


  1. Ah - my hair is still in the in-between stage where it can't quite all get into a ponytail. It drives me crazy! :)

  2. Much of the same.... ran errands, grocery shopping... now relaxing with the fiance catching up on our shows.

  3. I'm a teeny bit jealous of your plans. Mine involve my hubs' 40th birthday and a whole lotta football (GO BEARS!)...