Saturday, January 1, 2011

New year adventures

Races. Improved paces. Increased fitness. New adventures. New challenges.

There are lots of goals to be had for 2011.

They just aren’t mine.

Are you surprised? It's OK. You are as surprised by those words as I am though I've had a bit of time for them to sink in. Before you stop reading, rest assured there are things - even some healthy things - planned for 2011. Eleven things, actually. (Eleven in '11 - I'm so clever!)

The Healthy Strides 2011 countdown

11. Make marshmallows - homemade ones, not marshmallows over a fire like Mark initially thought.

10. Buy a house.

9. Live by an 80/20 plan. Eat 80 percent good and 20 percent not-so-bad.

8. Challenge myself to think of something positive every time I think something mean or judgmental.

7. Limit my sugar intake. The twice daily treats have seem to be a thorn in my healthy eating. I want to get the treat down to one a day, replacing the other with yogurt, applesauce or fruit.

6. Visit my family in Ohio more often, hopefully at least four times.

5. Limit my tears to Hallmark commercials and romantic comedies.

4. Try new things in terms of exercise. Aqua Zumba anyone?

3. Become a tourist in my city/region. I dream about vacations ... New Orleans, Savannah, San Diego. And though those are fabulous places to go, there are things right in my backyard that have drawn my attention. The artisan village that's an hour's drive, the Botanical Conservatory, the state park where we could hike with Denali - I want to go to those places.

2. Turn 30 gracefully ... or as gracefully as I can manage.

1. Stay tuned ...

Till tomorrow, jelly beans. I wish you all a wonderful, healthy 2011.

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