Monday, January 3, 2011

Full intention

Pre-workout eats: Egg white thin and yogurt parfait
Workout: 2.2-mile walk with Denali and 60-minute Slow Flow yoga class

I've been spoiled. For two weeks, Mark was home when I left for work and home when I returned. He was there to do dishes, do laundry and, most importantly, walk Denali.

But winter break is now over ... for both of us.

Mark returned to the classroom today, and I returned to my regular morning routine of breakfast for one and dog walking. A bit sad and a bit refreshing - especially when 20-degree weather smacks you right in the face.

◊ ◊ ◊

Sore. Everything. Sore. Triceps, back, shoulders. Even the upper hamstrings where my legs meet my butt. This 10 days of yoga thing is no joke.

Today was day 8, and a return to my first class of the "challenge" - Slow Flow. I was really hinging my hopes on the slow part but was up and ready for (almost) anything Dani threw our way.

Class started sitting down and a stretch for the hips. We were reminded to set our intention, one we stated in class New Year's Day. What did we want to do this year? How did we want to improve? It's so easy to pick a health-related goal - get fit, eat less sugar, eat more cleanly, etc. - but she urged us to look a little deeper. After all, she said, we often have what we already want. We do. The only thing blocking us is the obstacles we put in our path.

It's a bit crazy to think about but important, too. How many times do we set goals only to tell ourselves that we can't do them? Maybe you want to run a mile but then you tell yourself that you are too slow, too old, too overweight. You want to go to the gym and get fit but you don't go to the gym. People like you don't go to the gym. You want to eat better but, really, what's the point. You are who you are and will always be that person.

You get in your own way.

You have to stop thinking like that, start allowing yourself to believe that you are worth the measures required. Once you do that, things fall into place. With a little hard work, of course.

Stepping off soapbox.

For me, it's pretty obvious that my intention was going to be a little less, ummm, physical. I have so many things to be grateful for: a husband who loves me despite violent, hormonal mood swings; a family who is always there for me; fantastic friends; a dog who makes sure I get off my butt; and the most special thing of all, a sea monkey. Yet, I often myself cranky and unhappy. Even depressed, maybe. Why? I let myself get caught up on the little things, to be a nag, to get defensive. And for no reason.

So my intention for 2011 is to allow myself to be happy. I deserve to be happy.

And so do you.


  1. Great post! You absolutely deserve to be happy!!!!!