Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday love

Pre-workout eats: Multigrain Cheerios with sliced bananas and 1% milk

Workout: Ran 5.01 miles; average pace, 9:37.

I have to say there’s nothing like starting off your day with freshly waxed eyebrows, a fantastic run and a hot bath.

Exactly in that order.

Fed up with the untamed caterpillars hovering over my eyes, I pulled out the at-home wax kit and got to work. In a few minutes and at minimal cost, I felt like my old self again. Love that feeling!

Almost as much as I love Fridays …


Food. Cold cereal … it’s now my vice/pregnancy craving. There’s just something about the combo of crunchy cereal, sweet fruit (which I add) and the cold milk. I would eat bowl after bowl if common sense didn’t get the best of me. I’m particularly in love with Kashi Go Lean! Crunch, Cinnamon Chex and Banana Nut Cheerios. Alas, I’m down to the last bit of Multigrain Cheerios and my Kashi. Hello, grocery!

Fitness. My run on Tuesday might have been good but today’s run was GREAT. I covered the farthest distance in a month, and I managed to go 4 miles without pausing to catch my breath or let my heart rate drop. I wish I could identify a single reason for the greatness of the run but I just come up with an empty cereal bowl. I’d like to think it was some positive self talk this morning and making sure that during the run that I never got ahead of myself, forcing myself to stay in the moment.

Life. So there’s this awesome new cupcake boutique/bakery in my hood. Seriously awesome – not only in concept (the first in FW) but in taste. I split a couple cupcakes with a co-worker and went into sugar heaven.

Well, the other day on Facebook, they solicited ideas for a cupcake of the month. The person whose idea was selected would win a $20 gift card and the cupcake creation.


So, yeah. I won. Boo-yah! I love that he gave a shout out to New Orleans because this gal is also a New Orleans original.

Please file my birthplace under “I learned something new today.”

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Who has exciting plans? I’m actually excited to keep it low key as this is the first weekend since Thanksgiving that isn’t something “special.”


  1. Wow congratulations!!!! Woo wee - that's exciting!!! I'm going to have to email you to get further info on this cupcake bakery - YUM!
    Love how your morning started - cracked me up . . .you are awesome. Love me some Friday!

  2. I hope you enjoy that cupcake creation for me. It sounds delicious! I'm glad you had a great run! Doesn't the Kashi Go Lean Crunch taste like Sugar Smacks (aka Honey Smacks)? You know, the box with the frog!!!

  3. hooray!! your cakes are awesome!

  4. Great job on your run!