Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dispatches from a snowy Indiana

Walk with Deanli: ~3 miles

P1000383 P1000378P1000373 P1000377  

Along our walk today, we encountered what might have been one of the strangest things ever. We were beginning to loop the park near our house and there was a hawk/falcon/bird in the middle of the pathway standing over a dead bird, or what we thought was a dead bird. Wary of any defensive actions the bird might take, we turned around and looped the park in the opposite direction. When we neared the same spot, the bird had moved from the pathway to a bench – and moved the dead thing with it.

P1000375 P1000380P1000376


We also a freshly not-alive squirrel on our way back. It totally creeped me out … but it could have been worse. Denali could have seen the squirrel, and I was in no mood to pry a squirrel out of his mouth. Been there, done that.

What kind of odd wildlife have you seen on a walk/run/bike ride?


  1. I LOVE that you took pictures of the hawk and dead bird all the while fearing potential hawk defensive actions. Totally cracking me up!!!

    "C", "L", and I see lots of snakes while we run on the paved bike path (I HATE snakes!!!!) Our oddest things we see, though, are people. I'll definitely have to be better at discussing the oddities of humanity that we encounter during our next training cycle.