Monday, December 6, 2010

Winter wonderland

Pre-workout breakfast: Cinnabon Cream of Wheat and half of a banana

Workout: Ran 4.15 miles; average pace, 9:11.

I’ve been bemoaning winter running as if I had actually been running in the winter. No siree Bob. I had just been running in the cold. This morning, I got my first real taste of winter running.


It was 17 degrees, wind chill of 4, and at least a couple of inches of snow on the ground, with more falling to the ground as we speak.

But it was so pretty. And Denali needed some exercise, regardless of the weather. So I suited up to the best of my abilities, leashed him up and left the house.

We headed the half-mile toward the fancy boulevard near our house, where the homes have garages bigger than my living space. It’s the ideal street for winter running because you can run in the road, which is more likely to be cleared than the sidewalks, the lane is wide, there’s very little traffic and a full loop is close to a mile.

Plus, there are really pretty things to look at.

P1000300 P1000302

I couldn’t help but smile every time we passed the yellow house and laugh at the lions with their wreaths. I’d say it helped me forget that I was running in crap weather but I honestly didn’t care that much. It wasn’t that slick, it wasn’t that cold and the snow wasn’t that deep. I simply adjusted my pace so I felt comfortable in the conditions. Denali and me, we’ve seen worse and ran in worse.

Not that he cared. He loved it every friggin second. He would prance alongside me with this look on his face as if he was thinking, “Mom. MOM! This is so great. Can we do this all the time?”


By the way, if you need motivation to run in the snow, Denali is available on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. His fee is nominal – just some kisses and an apple (or a carrot or half a tub of margarine).

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  1. awesome photos - makes me want to come to the big city for a little run. We have less than a dusting on the ground down here (seriously - none, but we do have the wind and frigid temps). Thanks for sharing the good side of winter running.