Saturday, December 11, 2010


Pre-workout eats: Banana Nut Cheerios with 1 percent milk and sliced banana
Workout: Ran 4.02 miles; average pace, 8:33.

I am watching "Sarah's Holiday Party" on HGTV. I am obsessed with these holiday decorating shows in a masochistic sort of way. I see these amazing ways to style the home for Christmas and then I look at my sad tree with its mismash of ornaments and my console table with the fake evergreen and cranberries. It just feels college apartment and not adult entertaining pad.

It's OK, though. Mark said I can buy grownup ornaments if I can find 'em 75 percent off after Christmas.

Dec. 26, my obsession will be the holiday sales at Target.

Other obsessions:

◊ Wrapping gifts
◊ Warmer weather
◊ Crying over December's slowing paces
◊ The best salad ever (from a local restaurant) - mixed greens, red beans and rice, diced tomatoes and a sprinkling of cheese. O.M.G.
◊ Clementines


Things I'm not obsessed with:

◊ Shorts over running tights. I just don't get it.
◊ Cheap vodka
◊ Barking dogs
◊ Snow
◊ The hole in my Nikes. Come on 500 miles and sale at the running shop!

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  1. I don't have many Christmas decorations, but the ones I have are the first "adult" ones I had ever purchased (now about 10 years old). I was searching for new stockings today at Target, but decided that I really like the ones I already had better. Have fun getting some "adult" decorations - they will be special to you for many years to come.