Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Get in gear

Pre-workout breakfast: Peanut butter and jelly

Workout: Ran 4.71 miles; average pace, 8:54.

I was watching the Rockefeller Center tree lighting last night, irritated that “The Biggest Loser” was delayed an hour so I could have Annie Lennox scare the Christmas out of me, when I realized I needed to laundry. The running tights, worn twice, were in the laundry basket. The Brooks Nightlife half-zip – in there, too. Along with two of my (three) sports bras, two (of three) long-sleeve compression shirts and some socks.

Although I contemplated skipping a run and going naked, I peeled myself away from the flat-screen, stumbled over Denali and walked the five feet to the washer (it’s in the hall closet). I opened the top and, lo and behold, Mark had already started the load. Hot damn! I have a great husband. I threw everything in the dryer and went back to my spot to catch a Filipino girl sing the only English she knows - “Jingle Bell Rock.”

I lucked out - for sure – but I couldn’t help but wonder whether it’s time for some more winter running gear. It didn’t make sense last year as we didn’t know whether the running would “stick” but I’m out there still. In the “sun doesn’t rise till 7:45” dark. In the snow. In the “it feels like 16 degrees” wind chill.

(God, I’m such a whiner. Feel free to come to Indiana and smack me. Then run with me and Denali. We’re lots of fun, I promise!)

If Santa reads my blog, or you need to make a winter running wish list, here’s some ideas:


Wigwam socks to keep my ankles warm. Moving Comfort No Chill Pant Brooks Utopia Thermal Tight

From left, Wigwam socks to keep my ankles warm; Moving Comfort No Chill pants to wear over the Brooks tights.

A Pearl Izumi thermal hoodie (I love hoods) would also be nice, along with the Asics Thermopolis jacket. Of course, additional long-sleeve tops, sports bras would be worn.

And wouldn’t I look fantastic in this:

MZU34-BKWhat are your winter running essentials?


  1. "C's" daughter arrived in NYC just in time to attend that Christmas Tree Lighting. Small world. I bought the greatest coat last year at Targert - it feels like the same material wet suits are made out of - and man is it toasty, but not too toasty - just right for days like today. It's from C9. I wore it last year when it was only 6 degrees outside with just a tech shirt under it - perfect!

  2. definitely running tights. i want another pair but dont want to spend the money on them.