Thursday, October 7, 2010

Three Things Thursday

Pre-workout fuel: Slice of light bread, toasted, with honey and a Diet Coke
Workout: Ran 5.17 miles in 43 minutes, 43 seconds; average pace, 8:28.

1. Mark broke my coffee pot. He did. Really. And I don't even think it was on purpose. Last night, he was cleaning up after dinner - wiping the counters, putting things in the dishwasher and trying to keep Denali from licking the trash can. In one fell swoop, the coffee pot went from the burner to the floor and shattered. I turned around and just stood there. I wasn't sure what had broken at first and once I did, I wasn't sure what to do. Yelling wasn't an option - Denali gets crazy. It seemed a little silly to cry. So I stood there. In silence. With one thought: No coffee in the morning.

2. So it was with a bit of trepidation that I set off for my run this morning. I had sipped a cup of herbal tea with my toast but decided that my lack of coffee was a good reason to pop open a can of Diet Coke. This practice used to be a bit more common place, I hate to admit, but it's been a while. I had no idea what it would do to me/my body/my "system." No worries, though. If anything it gave me a bit of spunk as my first couple miles were FAST. The rest were OK but I won't complain.

3. After all, this morning was gorgeous. It was 48 degrees and the sun was coming up, shining brightly by the time I finished. A low fog hung over parts of the trail as I ran - it was almost eerie in the silence of early morning but oh so beautiful. I am so glad that I started running because it's those moments that make it all worthwhile.


  1. Eeek! No coffee? I feel your pain. I really enjoy my cup before my Saturday morning runs. It's a must! I'm loving the cooler weather here too.

  2. Your morning run sounds absolutely peaceful (except for the insane 8:28 m/m pace - yikes, girl - you're fast!)